[A couple of visitors who are therapists are present. The man says that everything is good in his work: But outside of that sometimes I have a lot of self-doubt and wonder if it’s more of an ego thing... that I’m a very egotistical person.]






That is a problem almost every therapist is facing in the West. It is not personal to you, it is very impersonal. So try to understand it very impersonally.




Therapy is only the beginning of growth, and a very rudimentary beginning. You can learn therapeutic methods, you can start working on those methods and results will be coming. It is not necessary that you have-that kind of consciousness yourself; it is not necessary.




It is like medicine: the doctor may be suffering from tuberculosis himself but he can treat others. It is not that because he suffers from tuberculosis himself be cannot treat a person suffering from tuberculosis; he can.




And naturally doubts will arise, because he himself suffers. He cannot treat himself but he is treating others, and when he sees results coming and that the others are treated, then doubts are naturally there; what is happening, what is he doing?




Just as medicine has become a technique and a doctor can practice it, so therapy is becoming a technique in the West.




In the East there has never existed a person like the therapist. The East has not known the therapist at all. It has known the master but not the therapists; and the difference is immense.




The master is one who has attained to that consciousness himself; then he helps. But he helps from a vision that he has attained. Then there is no doubt ever. Naturally his work goes very deep.




He has moved from all those spaces in which others are stuck, he knows the whole map of human consciousness, and he has arrived. In the East we have never allowed any man to help others unless he has arrived, so the therapist has not existed.




The therapist is a Western invention. Freud himself suffered from great psychological problems, so did Jung, so did Adler, so have the other great psychologists and psychoanalysts and therapists; they are not masters. You have learned those techniques from this tradition, the Western tradition.




You can be very efficient, you can help people and people will be helped, but your doubt will not disappear. In fact the more people are helped, the more doubtful you will become: what is happening? – because it looks mysterious.




If nothing comes out of your work, that will be perfectly okay: you will wonder what can come out of it – you have not arrived yourself. When somebody has an ego problem and you help, how can you help? – because the problem exists inside you too.




You can get totally involved with the person, you can tell him everything that is known to you about the ego, you can give him recipes, you can give him devices to get rid of it, but deep down you know that these things can’t work because they have not even worked for you.




So the therapist is living a kind of lie; he is pretending something to people. He has to, otherwise he will not be able to work. He has to keep a mask, he has not to allow people to see what exactly his situation is. But, later on when you are alone your mask will slip.




Sometimes you will be able to see your face in the mirror and you will be worried. This worry will become more and more as you become more successful and this doubt will poison your whole being.




You can continue working as a therapist but pay more attention to you own inner growth. Don’t be fooled by your work. Sometimes that happens: when you start succeeding you can be fooled by it.




You can think, ’When I am helping so many people there must be something in me’ and then the ego can become even more strong.




I have come across thousands of therapists; this is a basic problem for everybody. You will have to give a little attention to yourself. Work, continue your work, but don’t allow it to become your life, don’t allow it to become equivalent to your life. You owe something to yourself too.




If you can go deeper into your being you will be able to help also. Then there will be no pretension, no lie, and the doubt will disappear. When the doubt disappears miracles become possible, because whatsoever you say, you mean.




And it is out of your own experience – it is not borrowed. It has an authenticity, a truth, it is self-evident, and you can put it out with passion.




So make it a point that if you give two weeks per month for groups, give two weeks for yourself, and at least continue meditating....




Meditate, do a few groups here, and in doing those groups forget that you are a group leader, forget completely. Go absolutely innocent, otherwise that knowledge will not allow you to move deeply into it. It is different being a leader. Sometimes the participant gains more than the leader, because the leader has to play a game and the participant is there innocently....




Very good. And think of sannyas! What is the fear?




[The visitor says: I have a conflict of how I can incorporate that into what I do. There’s a large group that we have in the States... ]




It will be helpful to your work and to you, and to them too. You are not the first therapist who will be going in orange; in fact no therapist goes without being orange! (laughter) So there are hundreds of therapists all over the world and it has helped them.




Then you are connected with me too and you can share me with your people too. Sometimes when you are stuck, you can simply relax and surrender to me; immediately some help will be possible. Your work will be enhanced. You will start feeling my presence in the group also, and that will transform the very quality.




My therapists are doing miracles, because they are not alone. Otherwise you are alone: that doubt is there, the ego is there, and those are barriers!




People will think you have gone a little crazy... so what? And crazier people will start coming to you! (laughter) Think about it.




[To the woman therapist Osho says:]




Mm? should I make you a sannyasin?.... Because your heart is saying, ’Make me a sannyasin!’ Your head may not know what it is all about, but the heart has its own reasons the head knows nothing of.




And it is better to follow the heart than the head. Cowards follow the head; courageous people follow the heart. Rather than thinking what it is, it is better to go into it and know it; first hand is better.




So what should we do? My feeling is: first become a sannyasin, then I will talk to you! (laughter)




[She answers: I need a little more time.]




You can have it, but you will be missing an opportunity... you will be missing an opportunity. You can have time and then you can decide, but that will be your decision. Right now it is my decision. There is a great difference between the two. Right now it will be a gift from me; when you decide, it will be your decision. You can choose between these, two, whatsoever you want.




If you decide, that will be a continuity of your own mind. Your mind decides, that’s why you take it; it will be part of the ego. Right now it will dissolve the ego, it will give you a great freedom. It will be just out of love for me. It will be going into the unknown without any brooding about it, without thinking of the result and the consequence.




[She stalls: What if I can’t live up to the commitment?]




Don’t think of the future. I will make you live up to it. If I can make you a sannyasin, I will make you live up to commitments too. If you can do such an absurd act as becoming a sannyasin then everything else will follow!




Don’t think of the future. You don’t know your own potential. I can see it – you will be able to live up to the commitment. You will become one of my best sannyasins; there is no problem about it. I will see to it! So you can relax. There is no need to worry about it.




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