Greetings to you, I am Ashtar!




You are very dear to me, to us! We are a confederacy of star allies.We have been watching you for a very long time.We are closer than you can ever imagine.In fact we are already among you, of course.Some of you have seen us walking in the streets beside you. You can meet us everywhere,where you the least expect us to be.




We are only notable to those that are openminded. Yet we are very much around. You can see us in full third dimension, o yes! Only those that can see into the fifth and higher dimension can tell the difference, who is who! We come in peace, we are concerned about your planet. She is extremely important to us. All children are very important to us. We only seek total peace and love. And all the solutions to your poisonous waste. All your issues with energy, will we solve of course. Just have faith in us!




We have the solutions to FREE ENERGY that does not hurt your planet in any way. Your planet is a very important link, and all planets are linked together, so no planet is uninteresting. We work on more planets than yours. We want the whole link to be healthy. Se the link as a collar of pearls. Your planet is a very important pearl and she is also very beautiful and unique.




Yet she needs help, and you know it. All the pearls in the collar, needs to be attended and treated with great care and love. So now we can talk about landmarks! Because the time is here! The reality shifts, into the love vibration and soon all of you will find there is no other way to walk. So I say for tonight,




I love you, we love you




we are your family from the universe,and we know everyone of you,just you wait and see,








阿斯塔 20171215 标志性地前进

通灵:Kerstin Eriksson

翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VesMQaeQ5fw


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