There is a tendency in human beings to make declarations that they will never do something again if they have tried something and it hasn’t worked out. You do this in your desire to take back control in an area where you are feeling powerless. What you may not realize is such declarations can be detrimental to you.




Dear Ones, you are beings of flow, and your abundance and expansion is dependant upon you embracing that flow. Simply put, control slows your flow. Such vows are usually fear based which is a very constrictive energy. They can also keep you energetically tethered to what you do not want through your focus, which is always your blessing of continuation.




You do not need to make grand sweeping declarations in your life because the energies are forever changing and your empowerment comes from making decisions one now moment at a time. Deciding to be present and to make each choice based on the energy you are in at any given time will feel much better to you and will keep you moving forward with openness and acceptance while operating from your latest level of mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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