Greetings dearest ones! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Bringer of the Future to you all, Holder of the Grayelsha Flame of Truth, your brother, and friend. It doesn’t matter how I introduce myself to you, for deep inside your heart you do remember me, you know that I am here to urge thee to step into your Divine Authority, and to trust yourselves. You do need to understand and be sure that you do have all that it takes to step into your purpose and to be an instrument of unconditional love, and then proceed as a messenger for the Mother/Father /One in creation bringing forth Nova Earth.


问候,挚爱的一们!我是乌列尔,爱的大天使,未来的带来者,浅灰色真理火焰的持有者,你的兄长和朋友。我如何作自我介绍并不重要,因为在你的内心深处你记得我,你知道我前来敦促你去步入你神圣的权威,去相信你自己。你需要去明白和确信,你有着步入你的目标、成为无条件之爱的工具、然后作为母亲 / 父亲 / 一的信使,带来新星盖亚所需的一切。


It is not that you do not have moments when you believe that you are extremely powerful and beam with hope, but then you get caught into this earthly transformative chaos and have even much longer periods of time when you sit in low vibration, on the sidelines, worrying and doubting your abilities to bring forth greatness and peace to yourselves and to all.




Dear ones, what happens when you do this is really undermining most of the good that you have done in the times when you were working on creating and bringing forth toward thee that great and brilliant future.




Call on me and my Silver Flame when you feel you are getting lower and cloudier. Let us dissolve the doubts in an instant, and then swiftly shift you into that which makes you shine with love, hope, and great anticipation of a light and joyful future. Even more, let us assist you in behaving and feeling as though you already have it all and more, living that future in peace, harmony, and collaboration with all, right now in this moment. This is the fastest way to materialize and manifest it when you hold onto the highest vibration regardless of the happenings and challenges that come to you.




This is the time when you have to be constantly aware of what needs to be removed and completely eliminated from your mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual bodies, because if it is holding you back in the old third and fourth dimensions then it is not serving you at all. Your beautiful universal selves and guides always work with you, you might say working overtime – day and night – and many times in collaboration with other soul family members, to bring to light aspects and pieces of yourselves that need to be seen, cleaned, and loved back into the wholeness of who you are


这个时间,你必须去不断地意识到,什么需要被移除和消除 --- 从你的精神、情绪、肉体、甚至灵魂 --- 因为如果它将你困于旧的三维或四维,那么它就根本不服务于你。你美丽的宇宙自我和指导,总是与你共事,你可以說是日夜加班,並多次與其他靈魂家庭成員合作,把你自己需要被看到、清理和愛的方面碎片带到光明中,回歸到你所是的整體


It has been a busy time for you all, and when you use the Silver Flame you can quickly deepen the knowing that everything and everyone is coming to thee to assist you in stepping fully and gracefully into your mastery, so you do not get caught in fears and unnecessary trips into the chaos and turmoil. You are getting glimpses of yourselves that please you greatly, and it is not that you have to get attached to these images and move on a cloud or a sparkling star, but use them to hold yourselves in that positive and high vibrational state, even when you have to face those parts of your sweet selves that need your love and acceptance.


对你们所有人来说,是一个忙碌的时刻,当你使用银色火焰,你可以快速深化知晓 --- 向你前来的一切和每个人,都会协助你,完全和优雅地步入你的精通 --- 这样你不会陷入恐惧,和不必要的混乱与动荡。你在瞥见非常令你高兴的自己,并不是说,你必须依附于这些画面,在一朵云上或星星上移动,而是使用它们,将自己保持在那个积极的高振动的状态,即使当你必须面对,你甜蜜的自我那需要你的爱和接纳的部分


Sometimes your soul shows you those parts indirectly, by using others that treat you less than lovingly as mirrors. But you know now that it is not good for you to get upset and fly into anger or judge anyone, but instead, to be ever grateful for the service and the contribution to the faster recovery and the completion of your wholeness, right here and right now!




You are indeed the strongest of the strong, dearest brothers and sisters! The Mother has chosen well indeed!




I will leave you now with silver sparkles of love and light! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan



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