Greetings, Dear Ones.




We are excited to be here with you today, sending you love as always, and giving you a report of what is happening so close by.




We want you to know that we are just as excited to be co-creating with you and coming "down" ever closer to you as you are for us to do the same. There is much activity here at our North Node Base where thousands of ships are preparing. There is discussion yet as to the timing of when more activity and more sightings will happen, and even more landings. As this is still being discussed, know that this is becoming a certainty and the timeline of it has been pushed forward, shall we say, than initially thought. And that is largely in part to you who are on the ground crew, dialing in the frequencies, calling in the codes and doing the work there. And we would like to take this moment to honor you all for all that you are doing.


我们想要你知道我们非常兴奋能够与你共同创造,“下来”更加接近你,就像你会感到的兴奋。在我们北方的节点基地( North Node Base )有着大量的活动,成千上万的飞船准备着。目前还在讨论更多的活动和目击、甚至降落可以发生的时机。随着这些东西依旧在被讨论,知晓它在成为一个必然性,它的时间线在被向前推进,可以这样说,比起最初设想的。这主要多亏了你,地面人员 --- 调频,召唤代码,在地球上做着工作。我们想要在这个时刻荣耀你,为你所做的一切


For we see you are of pure hearts and One mind. And this is the most powerful force in the Universe and across all galaxies.




Many of you are anchoring in a specific grid for us to work with, and this enables us to come even closer to you. And many of you are opening portals so that we can land. While are you clearing out the densities in your own areas, you are making it possible for us to come. And we send you our gratitude and love. And know that we are working on this side in conjuction with everything you are doing to make this a reality. And those who are ready to experience this will see this full-on.




This will be a great event and a joyous one and a blessed one for all who are participating in this Oneness.




There are many of you who are stargate keepers, guardians, gatekeepers, gridworkers who are doing this now and we call forth now to all who are ready to do this to come join in the spirit of Oneness, and let's make this happen.




For as you are bringing that grid and locking it into place, it is like the ports opening, the bays are opening, so the ships can dock. And we want you to know that is a reality, and it will be more of a real experience than you have ever experienced before in this lifetime.




So don't hold back, Dear Ones, don't be stopped by self-doubt or fear. Just give it full throttle, and do the work with integrity and with love, and do it thoroughly with your mastery and the intelligence that has been given you.




So we are calling to this channel now to dial in her own frequencies with the codes that she has, as the anchor point that she is, bringing in the specific gifts, colors and frequencies that she works with now. It is happening. There are many like her who are doing the same thing. And we are pleased to report to you that it is working. And the more you do this, the less foreign it will seem, and more natural it will become and the more powerful it gets.




We are here to encourage you in this manner, and we would like to say that Father/Mother God is greatly pleased and sends so much love at this moment for all the work that is being done, and the work that is ongoing.




Each of you have been given the tools, the intelligence and the knowing of what to do. And so we share this message with you to empower you so that you know it is real.




There are specific rays being worked with right now. One is the Golden Ray, one is the Emerald Ray, and also the Blue Ray with Platinum essences and Pure Source Photonic Light and this is being anchored in and locked in to that grid of which we spoke earlier. And so we call to you now, all those of you who are powerful Angels who are doing this work, call these Rays in now and these will strengthen and fortify what is happening. And trust that this is what you need to know and the rest will be taken care of.




The next few days are highly significant with the additional weeks that follow. So stay tuned. And stay aware. Lift yourselves above anything that would cause you to doubt or distract you. Stay focused and stay sharp and listen and feel and see. For there is much being given at this time. Things not only of a highly intelligent consciousness, but also everything that is encompassed by love is all amazing force field that is being created now for the highest and best of all.




There is a great shift about to occur and this is exciting. And know that many more will awaken, many more will be exposed and/or removed. And this is all according to Divine Order, to Divine Plan. So trust in this Divine Plan. And as this great shift occurs, immense amounts of Light will come in from the Great Central Sun and from Creator God.




So we are asking you now to be prepared to help others, and be prepared for physical shifts in your own bodies to anchor in this Light. And know that you will be lifted higher and lighter, and that all is well. And to adapt the best that you know how, take care of your physical bodies, and be ready to shift into new roles, new capacities and new missions.




So we close this message with which we started which is: All is Well. We are so excited to be here co-creating with you. This is just as important to us as it is to you. And we thank you for your service to the Unity, Oneness, the Consciousness, to Love and to All that Is.




And we leave you with the greatest of blessings. That is all.




通灵:Kalia Diya

翻译:Nick Chan




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