Greetings friends. We are the Arcturian Collective. We have come today to encourage you to expand yet even further. For as you know as dimensions shift and as these great central sun energies bathe Gaia in Source light all is expanding and increasing in vibration before our / your very eyes. It is true humanity that you are not who you were even yesterday - you who read these words, meditate, have healthy practices and are determined in your intention to ascend with grace and ease. Your sciences will expand rapidly to meet the needs of the new energies. Such will be a tremendously exciting time for your scientists, and for those in your medical field who long for expansion in that realm. Natural medicines, Gaian medicine will be more readily available. GMOs will cease and people will naturally gravitate towards energy medicine and wholistic healers, for such is the way of progress in an ascended realm. Eventually humans will realize health is within them and they will have greater mastery over their fate. For naturally all that a species would need for total healthy and wellbeing would be found in their environment, if left unadulterated. Such will be again.


问候,朋友们。我们是大角星集体。今天我们前来鼓励你去更深一步地扩张。因为如你所知,随着维度的转变,随着这些大中央太阳的能量将盖亚沐浴于源头之光中,一切都在我们 / 你的眼前扩张和提升振动。这是真的,人类,你甚至不是昨天的你了 --- 阅读这些话语、冥想、进行健康的锻炼、决心意图伴随着优雅和轻盈扬升的你。你们的科学会快速扩张来满足新能量的需求。对你们的科学家、对医学领域渴望扩张的人来说这会是非常激动人心的时刻。天然药物会更容易获得。转基因会停止,人们会自然被能量疗法和治疗师吸引,因为这是扬升领域的前进方式。最终人类会意识到健康在他们之内,他们对自身的命运会有更大的掌控。因为最终所有的物种都需要完全的健康,幸福会在他们的环境中被找到,如果没有杂质。这会再次发生


Be encouraged. Great times are ahead. Set your sites and intentions high for eventually prophecies come true. And we see you humanity as fulfilling the prophecy of the ascension of Gaia. You grounded light workers are the linchpin to this and we are extremely proud of your successes and your victory is assured. We are the Arcturian Collective. It was our joy to connect with you. Prepare for more turmoil, more tumultuous energies, but allow them to pass over you and transmute them in joy as they go over and by you. You are harnessing the light - Source light. Best focus on that. We are the Arcturian Collective.


倍受鼓舞。伟大的时代就要到来。为预言最终的成真将你的站点和意图设置地高一点。我们看到你们人类在实现盖亚扬升的预言。你们地面的光之工作者是关键所在,我们对你的成功感到非常自豪,你的胜利是被担保的。我们是大角星集体。我们很高兴与你连接。为更多的动荡、更多混乱的能量做好准备,让它们通过,在喜悦中转化它们,随着它们过去。你在驾驭光 --- 源头之光。最好专注于它。我们是大角星集体



翻译:Nick Chan





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