Greetings dear ones! I AM Lao Tzu, your beloved friend and companion, your family, your healer, bringer of peace and wisdom, bringer of balance. But I am here to remind you, dear hearts, that you have all these inside of thee and it is only necessary that you make the decision to move into the peace and serenity of your heart, your inner temple, your sacred space where we are awaiting for you to arrive in every moment of your journey.




And it is easy to do so when life seems to follow your highest expectations, when your path is going through beautiful gardens and meadows. But it seems a little more challenging to feel joyful when you encounter unexpected thorns or when you have to walk upon rocky trails. These last ones are conditions when you have to consciously move swiftly into the balance of your soul by asking yourselves to choose peace, to choose trust and faith in yourselves.




This is when you have to decide to believe that even these situations that you encounter have a great purpose and a gift, and that even if it is not obvious and apparent at the time, it will soon reveal to thee the wisdom and the expansion that is the lesson that it offers you. You can look at being balanced in so many ways, but ultimately it is that feeling that you have all that you need to live joyfully in every moment, knowing that you are aligned with your dream and the dream of the Mother.




You are so happy and content to see and experience parts of yourselves that are bright and wise, but whenever you glimpse parts that seem unacceptable to you, you fall into judgment and disappointment, envisioning only doom and gloom and therefore lowering your vibration.




Now, you are asked to love just like the Mother does. The Mother doesn’t play favorites, The Mother doesn’t pick and chooses. All of Her children are special to Her in their diversity and variety.




A mother sees the beauty of a social, outgoing and giggling, playful child that comes home to her skipping and dancing. And she loves equally, or even more, her other children that happen to be different, more introverted, or plainly said, physically or emotionally sick. She sees the blessings and the gifts in all of them.




The same is required of thee, dear hearts, to love and bring in more compassion to the parts of yourselves that are contrasting and divergent from that which you consider acceptable or normal without any judgment or disappointment. When you do so, you are in balance. When you do so, you can see the present hidden within and the tremendous power it gives thee to humbly assist others that are in dire need of your kindness and love.




Dear ones, You are Mother’s chosen messengers of light. You are the ones that have promised to bring and anchor on planet Earth Her essence, the totality of Her essence and the different facets of Her Love, and to bestow it on every being and every child that She had ever given birth to in this universe and beyond. You are here to seed in, to plant Her purity, Her strength, Her inspiration, and Her dream.




You are all here to embody Her and of course the Father in so many beautiful ways. You are here to find a unique expression of love in form and to live it in joy and playfulness in every moment.




And this is exactly what you are doing with grace and that innate knowing. I bow to your fortitude! I bow to your valor and to your beauty!








老子 20180517 你所遭遇的每个情况都有着一个伟大的目的和礼物

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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