Greetings! We are the fairies and we are flying high right now in this Now moment of your perception of reality  for all is being accomplished yes great things are happening right now in this Now, for we who see are watching your successes and triumphs for you are achieving planetary ascension just as you swore you would before your great descent into the dark, and now we are all on a great journey of ascension into the light  above  within -below  all around is the light  it permeates our our being and gives us joy and laughter for all is light! It is this light this reality has been missing out on these codes for far too long; do you remember when we played together in Lumeria and you knew the wonders of their creation? We would create together just as easily as breathing.


问候!我们是精灵,我们在你感知为现实的这个当下时刻高飞着 --- 因为一切都已完成 --- 是的,伟大的事物正在这个当下发生,因为我们看到了你的成功和胜利,因为你实现了行星的扬升,就像你下降到黑暗前所宣誓过的,现在我们都处于扬升到光 --- 之上 --- 之内 --- 之下 --- 的旅程,到处都是光 --- 它渗透我们的存在,给予我们喜悦和欢笑,因为一切都是光!这个光是这个现实丢失很久的;你还记得我们在利穆里亚时一起玩耍的时间吗?你还记得他们造物的神奇吗?我们像呼吸那样轻松地创造


We are the fairies and we have enjoyed connecting with you today and always; yes there is little intel on your news fronts but on our new fronts the  headlines are ringing out “‘Tis  time! Tis time! Chose your side! Seize your power and claim it for today is nigh  it is now  it is all happening now!


我们是精灵,我们很享受与你连接,总是如此;是的,你们的新闻头条只有很少的信息,但我们的新闻头条标题是“是时候了!”“是时候了!选择你的阵营!抓住你的力量,宣称它,因为今天就要来临 --- 它就是现在 --- 一切正在发生!”


You humans  you marvelous, majestic humans  in your funny little bodies  are doing the great and final push and we are with you pushing along side you, transmuting with you, for we are the fairies and that is what we do  we help, we nurture alongside, we restore beauty to the broken.


你们人类 --- 你们不可思议,雄伟的人类 --- 在你有趣,小小的身体中 --- 进行着伟大,最终的推动,我们和你一起继续前进,和你一起转变,因为我们是精灵,这是我们在做的 --- 我们帮助,我们滋养,我们恢复破损的美丽


You are not broken although you feel like you have been a bit mangled in the journey but gaze on the flowers  let our fairy healing energy in- allow healing inside for it is your time to heal, to restore, so that you can heal and restore our great and beautiful Mother Gaia who waits not much longer it has been in stasis for so long but is about ready to burst forth into the new  new  new  it is all new and mighty and glorious this new Earth is so beautiful it makes us cry tears of utter joy and amazement that it is done, it is being done, it is here right now if you but open your eyes into this glorious fact of achievement, for all is now, all is love, all is all!


你不是破碎的,虽然你感觉在旅程中有点损坏,但凝视花朵 --- 让我们精灵的疗愈能量进入 --- 允许内在的疗愈,因为这是你疗愈,恢复的时刻,这样你可以疗愈和恢复我们伟大,美丽的盖亚母亲,她等待了很久,这被停滞了很久,但就要迸发到新的 --- 新的 --- 新的 --- 都是新的,强大的,辉煌的,这个新地球非常地美丽,这些的完成让我们流下彻底喜悦和惊奇的眼泪,这已经完成,此时此刻,如果你能睁开眼睛,看向这个辉煌的成就,因为一切都是现在,一切都是爱,一切都是一切


We are the fairies and we love you!




精灵 20171030 新地球


翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQdiCmcz9U8


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