Grandmothers,” I asked, “how can we hold steady during these tumultuous times?”




Drop into your center space,” the Grandmothers replied. “Drop in deep and once there, wait. We will speak to you from the depths. Your being runs deep and your heart is attuned to us, attuned to the truth. So stop in this deep, quiet place and listen.




On the surface of the Sea of Change all is drama, roil and chop. But below the waves lies the quiet deep. Stay now within the depths of your being. Come up to the surface of life only when you need to, to attend to necessary daily tasks. But take your rest below, in quiet and peace. Few who are living today know how to do this and fewer still even wish to escape the turgid rocking and rolling of the waves. Many are addicted to a diet of daily drama and feel deprived without it. Only certain ones are called to our work. Only those who seek contact with that which never changes, with the stillness within. If you are reading our words now, you are such a one.




Peace is your birthright. Quiet and stillness is your home place. Return there now. This is how to maintain your balance in these wild and crazy-making times. The surface world will steal your peace if you let it. Don’t let it. Instead, keep on returning to us, dropping into our embrace and resting there. We are waiting for you. You are ever connected to us, ever linked to the Net of Light. This connection is real and you also are REAL. You are not part of the ephemeral washing in and out of the waves. No. You are the ocean itself … deep and abiding. Stay connected to the core of your being. Stay connected to us. We love you and will hold you steady in our embrace. We will restore your spirit.”


“平和是你与生俱来的权利。宁静和寂静是你的家。现在返回。这是在疯狂,狂野的时期保持你平衡的方式。表面世界会偷走你的平和,如果你允许。不要允许它。而是,奔向我们,落入我们的拥抱,在那休息。我们等待着你。你总是和我们连接着,总是与光之网络连接着。这个连接是真实的,你也是真实的。你不是波浪短暂的来来去去。不。你是海洋本身 ... 深度且永恒。与你存在的核心保持连接。与我们保持连接。我们爱你,会稳定地将你抱在怀里。我们会恢复你的精神”


祖母 20171104 寂静是你的家

通灵:Sharon McErlane

翻译:Nick Chan




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