So many of you think that comfort is something to worry about creating for others, but make your own comfort an afterthought. Some of you carry the idea that suffering is somehow noble, or that going without is good.




Dear Ones, we urge you not to underestimate the importance of your own comfort. It is absolutely essential for your own wellness and balance. It is the base from which you will create from. If you are chronically uncomfortable, forever ignoring your own needs, you will enter into survival mode with all of your energy being used up sustaining your discomfort. From there you simply will not have anything left over for others or for the creation of the life you wish to experience and deserve.




What creates comfort for you may not be what would work for others. Give yourself permission to be the expert on you and to honour what you need for your own comfort without judging yourself. Understand that choosing comfort is an act of accepting the supports the universe has for you. It moves you from holding yourself separate in a place of lack into inclusion and receiving.




If reasons come up why you think your own comfort is not a priority, stop and ask if this is in line with who you are today and what the energies are supporting. You will, with some self examination, discover that anything that argues against your own comfort and needs is of old energy and expired belief systems. It is time to let them go and replace them with new beliefs that honour and support you and your evolution.




Your comfort is not frivolous. It is an essential aspect to give you the foundation you need to be able to continue to grow and e·xp·ress yourself. Your comfort supports your alignment. Meeting your own needs and seeing them as equally important as everyone else’s is an act of self love and wisdom. When your needs are fully met you can then take all the energy you used to put into your survival and channel it into your self e·xp·ression and creation. ~Archangel Gabriel


你的舒适不是轻佻的。它是一个重要的面向,会给予你基础去继续成长和表达自己。你的舒适支持你的对齐。满足你的需求,视它们和别人的需求一样重要是一种自爱行为和智慧。当你的需求被完全满足,你可以拿起通常用在求生模式的能量,灌注到你的自我表达和创造之中。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan



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