Greetings my children, it is I Quan Yin and I briefly come to you today to speak of nature, of change, of growth.




Envision a river flowing gracefully with ease over the rough rocks. What happens to the water? Does it stop at the rock? No, it gently erodes it. So you are also doing right now in this Now moment; you are eroding away all which does not serve you; all the dross and distant / painful murky memories- you don’t need them. Drop them in the stream and let the water carry it away. Allow yourselves to be purified in the water. Allow Love to erode and wash away the painful memories. Let them go. Let them flow down the stream, into the mighty river and out to the sea where it is submerged, forgotten, mixed the sea of other experiences.


想象一条河优雅地流过粗糙的石块。水会发生什么?它会在石块处停下吗?不,它温柔地侵蚀它。在这个当下你也这么做着。你在侵蚀一切并不服务于你的。所有你不需要的残渣和遥远 / 痛苦的模糊记忆。把它们丢进流水中,让水流带它离去。让自己被水流净化。让爱侵蚀和洗去痛苦的记忆。放下它们。让它们顺着流水而下,进入强大的河流,到达海洋,与其他体验的海域混合,被淹没和遗忘


What happens to those rocks after the water has repeatedly and continually flowed over and by? They are polished. They shine! When you throw them a certain way into the still water bodies what happens? They skip and they ripple – beautiful ripples that start a sudden effect of interacting rings stirring up stagnant water.


在水流再三,不断地流经后,那些石块会发生什么?它们被抛光。它们闪耀!当你在特定的方式中把它们扔到平静的水体中,会发生什么?它们跳跃并泛起涟漪 --- 美丽的涟漪发起了一个突然的相互作用的环形效果,搅拌起停滞的河水


You have done it children! Let Love ripple your water and then be that Love and those ripples to others and experience joy again, freedom again, rest again. For you are so weary.




Rest in me. Rest and believe, wake up renewed, restored. For unlike what you are force fed all is becoming right with the world and the tide is indeed turning quickly. What happens when the rapid tide of the ocean swells quickly comes in children? What happens when you are not waiting for it? You get wet quickly, caught unawares, belongings float away.




But you are aware. Let the tide of Love and light immerse you. Be ready for it. It is coming. It is here. It is in you.




Remember polished rocks make the best memory rocks; when you rub them between your fingers you feel the smoothness. You are reminded of the power of the water (in this case Love) and you recall how the smoothness came to be from roughness (difficult memories). It is time to release those memories and let Love smooth your fears and sadness away.




Sit with me awhile by the lake, by the water lilies and we will toss pebbles together and watch the water circles, and remember the Love that brought you here. Remember our love for you. Remember the love you have for yourself to give yourself such a unique and wondrous experience.




You are all like little lotus blossoms on the water radiating light. Remember lotus blossoms float. They ride the waves excellently. So are you dear children, so are you.




All is well.




Rest now.




I will watch over you.




Let Love smooth and soothe all the roughness away.




I AM Lady Quan Yin




观音 20171104 粗糙到光滑


翻译:Nick Chan





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