Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! I AM Mary Magdalena. I am your sister in love. I am your family, right here beside my beloved Yeshua, with the Mother/Father/One, for you are part of me as much as I am part of you.


问候,我挚爱的兄弟姐妹们!我是 Mary Magdalena 。我是你爱中的姐姐。我是你的家人,就在我亲爱的约书亚身边,与母亲 / 父亲 / 一一起,因为你是我的一部分,就像我是你的一部分


I come here to talk to you about the power of “No” for there is so much dancing around and confusion about it. It seems so simple and so straightforward, and yet many of you have this problem of refusing others’ unneeded offers and/or requests. You have issues with staying centered in the heart of your being, and you become easily distracted by the false illusion that doing more is better, or that assisting many, in the human sense, by working harder and longer hours is some valuable kind of service.




Now, we all know how little children go through this phase of saying “No” to almost everything and at the time you think it is cute and even funny. You dismiss them, you might laugh, but then you try to convince them or force them to do it the way you believe is right, ultimately showing them that their “No” is wrong, that they do not know what is best for them. But the little ones know what they need, they are really in touch with their purity of heart…they just know!


现在,我们都知道小孩子是如何经历对几乎一切事物说“不”的阶段,当时你认为这是可爱的,甚至好玩的。你无视他们,你可能大笑,但然后你试图说服他们或强迫他们去按照你认为是对的方式行事,最终向他们展示他们的“不”是错的,他们不知道什么对他们来说是最好的。但小孩子知道他们需要什么,他们与心的纯净连接 ... 他们就是知道!


You see, most of the time you need very little from the outside world to grow and to expand harmoniously in all of your bodies, to learn your lessons the easy and effortless way. But in the old paradigm, getting distracted from your purpose was extremely easy. And this is why most of you needed some kind of harsh and painful event to redirect you to remember to listen to your hearts and souls.




When you are growing up it is even more imperative to listen to your “No” and to respect the ones of others. There is tremendous power in saying “No” loud and clear in this world of free will that you are inhabiting at this time. And there is a saying: “No, by itself, is a full sentence.” You do not need to apologize or justify it, nor do you need to explain your decision to anyone.




No” is the word that your soul whispers to you – literally to your entire being – when boundaries are crossed or about to be crossed.


“不”是你的灵魂对你低语的词 --- 直接跟你整体存在低语的词 --- 当界限被跨越或就要被跨越


No” is what you hear and feel when you are about to take scenic detours that will not be for your highest good, or when you are about to get hurt.




No” is the magic word of freedom, for it assists you in releasing desires and wants that are merely emanating from the ego’s self-important mind.




No” comes from the innocence and the knowing of your soul, indicating to you which is the right course of action to take. You all remember being tempted in the dream state to go and take certain actions and then the “No!” stopped you and awakened you quickly. What a relief you would tell yourselves! “No” is short and quick, and much faster to come to you than the word “yes”!


“不”来自你灵魂的纯真和知晓,向你指明什么是正确的做法。你们都记得在梦中被诱惑去采取某些行动,然后“不”阻止了你,将你快速唤醒。你松了一口气!“不”是快速短暂的,比“ yes (是)”更加地快速


But you do have this tendency to take the strength and the firmness of it back, by second-guessing yourselves and rationalizing it, and then it becomes a permissive “maybe”! This is why I am urging you to be strong and to follow up your heart knowing at all times.




Beloved ones, keep to the short and fun way home, keep to the straight path home, and listen to your beautiful hearts, listen to your higher universal selves and guides.




Stay with my love, strength, and beauty. Farewell.




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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