原创  2017-10-01  库图弥   新纪元扬升之光

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Glasson, 29th September2017

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th September 2017 –

Original Source: SacredSchool of OmNa

翻译:荷光 * 凯,微信公众平台: xinjiyuanlove



Greetings, I am Master Kuthumi, the World Teacher at a Planetary Level alongside MasterJesus. I come forth with news from the Creator which has been filtered through thedimensions of the Creator’s Universe to the Planetary Level. This information,I, Master Kuthumi, wish to share directly with you as I believe it will supportyou in discovering greater clarity within your being, reality and ascension.



The Creator is emphasising at this time, throughthe deliverance of energy waves, enhanced alignments of truth. Every soul uponthe Earth and the inner planes is aligned with the truth of the Creator. Thetruth, essence and all that is the Creator exists within you and can beaccessed with your intention and conscious awareness. In doing so, you accessand enter into the consciousness, awareness and energy of the Creator,experiencing expansion, bliss, clarity and oneness. As an awakening being onthe Earth, you are constantly in the process of remembering the Creator. Youare continually recognising your alignment, connection and integration with thetruth of the Creator, how it resides within you and around you.



In this time of ascension, encouragement is placed uponrecognising the truth of the Creator that is most needed and beneficial withinyour being and reality, thus creating an alignment or greater awakening ofspecific fields of truth. This is connected to your purpose upon the Earth andwithin your ascension. The mission of the Creator is to support you in existingas and experiencing your purpose more fully within your spiritual evolution.Many people struggle to understand the truth of the Creator they hold and theirpurpose upon the Earth. I, Master Kuthumi, will share with you that yourpurpose is constantly shifting as you develop and allow your being to unfold.



Exercise to Discover Your Purpose



I wish toshare with you three questions to support your understanding of that which theCreator encourages at this time.



Directeach question to your soul, surrender and allow the response to unfold fromyour soul.



1.    Whatquality or qualities does my soul desire to embody fully in this lifetime?



2.    What quality or qualities most support myfull remembrance of the Creator and experience of oneness with the Creator?



3.    How will embodying this quality or thesequalities assist me now in my life and ascension?



Take time to receive all that is necessary for you tounderstand and become aware of. The answers, feelings, visions or knowingnessyou receive will demonstrate to you and guide you in understanding your purposein your ascension and on the Earth. Remember that you have all the wisdom youneed to access the understanding you require. Simplicity is the key, andthrough the simple responses given to you by your soul, you will discover thatyour purpose is simple when described and yet expansive and fulfillingwhen embodied and expressed in your reality. Examples of your purpose; to bepeace and teach others the art of peace, to be courageous and guide others inexperiencing their goals, to be love and assist others in accessing their coreunconditional love, or to express the beauty of the Creator through creativeexpression.



Understanding Your Alignment of Truth



Once you have discovered the truth (quality) ofthe Creator that most resonates with your soul and current existence, it is fareasier for you to be in the flow of the Creator, expressing, creating andexperiencing the truth in every moment. With this understanding, you can beginto align your entire being with higher more expansive aspects of the Creator ofthe same vibration, meaning the same truth or quality. By aligning yourselfwith the truth of the Creator that is the same vibration as your purpose, youare empowering yourself, expanding your understanding of yourself and theCreator, as well as further awakening yourself into the conscious light beingthat you are. The Creator offers to you a downpour of high vibrational light,love and consciousness; truth of the same vibration as the purpose of yoursoul. For example, if it is your purpose to embody peace, then the Creator willalign your entire being with pure and powerful vibrations of peace fromnumerous dimensions, anchoring all fully into your being. The Creator will alsointegrate with your being light vibrations of different qualities that supportthe embodiment, expression and experience of peace. Such an alignment istransformational, creating numerous activations within your being which supporta greater state of oneness and realisation of all that is the Creator. Thealignment of truth I, Master Kuthumi, speak of is akin to powerful laser beamsof light anchoring into your being, synthesising to restore connections oftruth, harmony and pure consciousness within your being. The upgrade of lightwill also assist you in understanding how to make your way in the world, whatyou can do to be of service, how you can support yourself and how to feel athome within your body and soul. It will guide you how to create action in yourlife and how this action supports further awakening for yourself and others.



Experiencing an Alignment of Truth


·        Breathedeeply and centre your attention into the presence of your soul, allow yourselfto imagine that each breath is aligned with and merged with your soul until youfeel as if you are embodying your soul with great expansion.



Focusupon your discoveries in the practice I shared with you concerning yourpurpose. Bring to mind the quality or qualities of the Creator your soul wishesto fully embody in this lifetime. Continue to breathe deeply imagining that thequality or qualities of your purpose are within your being, expanding with eachbreath you inhale and exhale, until you experience an integration of the energywithin your entire being.



·        Say out loud: ‘Isurrender my soul and my understanding of my purpose at this moment to theCreator. I invite my soul to align with the Creator; I invite theCreator to share with me the appropriate energy, light, love and consciousnessto support my purpose. Please download this light into my entire being,allowing me to receive the energies and qualities of the Creator that supportme in existing as and expressing my purpose clearly and easily on the Earth.May the light alignment, connection and integration I receive amplify the truthof my being and guide me forth to live as my truth on the Earth. Thank you.’

大声地说:此刻我将我的灵魂和我对我的使命的理解交托给造物主。我祈请我的灵魂与造物主校准 我祈请造物主分享适合我的能量、光、爱和意识来支持我的使命。请让光降临到我全部的生命体中,让我接收到造物主的能量和特质,并得到支持从而清晰地显示出我在地球上的使命。通过与光的对齐、连结和融合,我接收并扩展我存在的本质,让我得到指引,并以真理生活在地球上。感谢。


·        Imagine yourself as a flowerhead, your petals extend from the base of your spine, and the tips of thepetals reach beyond your crown chakra at the top of your head. As the light ofthe Creator begins to flow and penetrate your being, allow yourself to open toreceive the vibrations of truth directly from the Creator. Imagine your petalsunfolding and opening out into the most beautiful flower. You are at the centreof the flower, and at the core of your being is the truth of the Creator; yourpurpose for this lifetime, your quality or qualities your soul wishes toembody. The truth alignments of the Creator penetrate the core of your beingand the truth you hold, magnifying abundantly the qualities your soul wishes toembody as its purpose on the Earth. Take time to enjoy the inner glow of yourtruth. Feel it expanding beyond your imagination.

想象你自己就像一个花朵,你的花瓣从脊柱的底部伸展,花瓣的尖端高出你头顶的顶轮。当造物主的光开始流动并融入你的生命体时,让自己直接接受造物主真理的振动。想象你的花瓣展开和开放,成为最美丽的花朵。你在花的中心,与造物主真理的校准渗透到你存在的核心;   你的这一生的使命,是你的灵魂希望出的特质或品质。造物主的真理对齐渗透了你的存在和你所拥有的真理的核心,你拥有的真理,丰富扩展了你灵魂的特质,那是你希望呈现的在地球上的使命。花时间享受你真理的内在光芒。感觉到它超越了你的想象。


·        Feel the beams of light andalignments of truth flowing down through your being and into the Earth as youshare all that you are and experience with Mother Earth. This will ground yourbeing and bring the qualities of the Creator you have experienced into thephysical planes for you to enjoy.



The morethis process is practised, the more you will experience the benefits.

I honourthe truth within you,

Yourever-present guide,











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