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My dear friends, we love you so very much,




There is peace, comfort, and safety available to you right here, right now.Dont fear the darkness and the differences. Try not to violently push them away with anger. Simply accept that which you do not like, as part of life, and focus elsewhere.




Everything that could possibly exist, exists within you as energy right here and now. The Judas and the Christ exist within, as do the Hitler and the Gandhi. We know you dont kill and betray, but energetically speaking everyone on earth has wanted to kill off a perspective that varied from their own. Everyone on earth has, at times, betrayed their own internal knowing and their own truth. Everyone has loved beyond reason. Everyone, at least at some times, desires peace. Everything, dear ones, exists as vibration within you.




So what do you do to keep out the darkness? You can try push away that which you do not like. You can shut yourself down to life. You can build walls, fences, and borders. You can block calls, use anti-viral soap, and live in sealed environments. You can keep out nearly anything or anyone, on the physical level.




However, there is no border, barrier, or boundary that can keep out the darkness, if it exists as a state of fear within your own heart. Building walls can keep out physical intruders and those uninvited, but already within those walls you live and abide with their energy, in a state of fear or upset. Holding those who are different from you at arms length can keep them from approaching you but if you fear them, they awaken within your consciousness. Fighting disease can assist in your healing but if done so fearfully you are feeding the diseased vibration.




The very thing you seek to fearfully avoid, you unintentionally tune into and turn on inside of you. The things you seek to lovingly avoid, simply exist neutrally in your reality without causing harm.


你害怕避免的东西,你会无意识地从内在“协调和打开 ”。你寻求避免的东西,中立地存在于你的现实中而不造成伤害


The greatest protection of all is to live and abide in the truth that you rest in the Love of the One who creates and sustains you. You live and abide with the Love that creates universes the very same Love that waits patiently to surface within you.




Simply by relaxing and allowing yourself to breathe, you open to a love that protects you more deeply than any physical measure ever could.




Breathe in all of life. Breathe out, knowing that by your very design you will exhale those energies that dont serve you. Relax. Breathe. You dont have to shut down to life. You can build walls but dont fear those who would climb them. You can take measures of protection against disease and germs, but dont fear something that can only live in an imbalanced environment.




You get to decide what energies you will experience in you reality, simply by your focus. Breathe. Take in all of life. Exhale trusting that your entire body, mind, and soul want to release the energies of that which does not serve. You want to focus on health, well being, abundance, joy, the goodness in human hearts. You want to release your focus on sickness, lack, sadness, suffering, and greed.




It is your natural state to want to feel good. No matter what youve been through, you can reclaim this reality. Breathe in life. Exhale. You have just begun a journey into safety, abundance, joy, love and truth. Breathe. Exhale. Allow the good to flow naturally into your life and the unpleasant to flow naturally out.




May peace be with you. May you know how dearly you are loved.




God Bless You! We love you so very much. The Angels





通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan


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