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Dear Ones, do not be concerned if all your chores are not done because you need to rest or make self care a priority in order to release, heal, transform, or integrate energy. Trust us when say it is irrelevant to the caterpillar if his cocoon is messy or not. ~Archangel Gabriel


亲爱的一们,不要担心你的家务都还没做完,因为你需要休息或让自我关怀成为优先级,为了释放,疗愈,转化或整合能量。相信我们,当我们说这对毛毛虫来说是无关紧要的,它的茧是否混乱。 ~ 大天使加百利


原文: http://trinityesoterics.com/2017/09/30/daily-message-saturday-september-30-2017/

翻译:Nick Chan


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