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2017 924


Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar

To Begin Monday, September 25, 2017

三位一体冥想 No. 775

撒南达 & 阿斯塔




Greetings, my beautiful Eagles! It is I, Sananda, here with my brother Ashtar, to offer our congratulations and encouragement on this momentous occasion. You have received so many energies in your past month and there has been such a heart-opening on planet Earth that the Light Quotient has put you firmly on the threshold of your next octave – the 4th dimension.



Now, most of you go back and forth from 3D to 4D many times during each day, although you don’t realize it on a conscious level. But now, on the threshold, you are able to consciously step into a higher vibration. So now is the time to keep the momentum going and forge ahead to the goal of 5thdimensional consciousness.



And in order to do that, this Light that you have received, this leap you have taken, must be anchored into the hearts and minds of Earth humanity. And this next series of guided meditations are designed to do just that. So let us begin.



For the beginning of this assignment you are asked to simply sit, feel, and absorb the energies of your now-heightened state of being. Remember, you do this not only for yourself but for all mankind. You are the anchors.



Next, you are to send the energy of Hope to all mankind, perhaps as a rainbow, as you have done before.



Lastly, you are asked to send Love to Gaia. She has, as you must realize, gone through mass clearings in order to make this leap to 4D for all of you. She is not quite finished with her labors and she needs to feel your support and love.

最后,请发送爱给盖娅。你们必须意识到,她正经历着巨大的清理,为了让你们进行这次4次元的飞跃。她还没有完成, 需要你们的支持与爱,


Keep up the good work, my brothers and sisters; keep up the momentum. You are almost to the finish line, and we will be there to meet you. I am Sananda, leading you ever forward. Shalom!




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