Dear Ones,




We wish to address the uneasiness you feel about your future and the future of the earth. For even though you have been informed that all is well, it is becoming more difficult to believe that such is so. You can ignore the media and similar factors, but it is your inner feelings you cannot understand.




For you are concerned about areas, you believe you and others addressed decades ago. It is as if you have worked months to complete a report only to have your one copy destroyed.




You are tired of fighting, of carrying the world and your family and friends on your shoulders. You feel as if you are on caretaker overload for the same issues keep popping up with seemingly no resolution.









Should you protect the environment? What about people being held without their consent? Then there is gun violence as a result of the racial, religious, gender, economic, political, and homophobic hatred displayed daily. When and where will the next war be? And if that is not enough, you are discovering those you love are filled with fear because they do not understand their transition, nor do they listen to the explanations you offer. It is as if you are playing Whack-a-Mole with the world and your emotions.




You assumed that by now, you would be living in your dream world with little or no stress.Yet, your stress seems to multiply daily. For just as one issue seems calmer, another arrives that requires immediate attention.




Where is your peace? Where is your rest?




The truth is you have not yet let go of your need to caretake the world. Even though you supposedly turned that concern over to your followers, you continue that role in addition to your new assignments.




You are trying to be everything to everyone. In your work-a-day world, you would be labeled as someone who cannot delegate. For indeed, 90% of your worries are not your role. You are no longer a caretaker of the earth or its inhabitants. You have other, more compelling tasks to complete.




Your caretaking days are over. But because you have not yet allowed that to be your truth, you are anxious and angry. You are trying to do too much, for you do not believe those following are skilled enough to pick up where you left off.




It is no longer your place to worry about atomic bombs, sheltering others, or the concerns of your friends and family.All are caretaking modes you have outgrown.