量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质

时间里 --- 时间外 --- 环状效应

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com

大天使梅塔特隆透过 James Tyberonn 传导

Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time

Time In – Time Out – The Torus Effect

Full Channel – Parts 1 & 2

完整通灵纪录– Parts 1 & 2

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Four Major Planes



We spoke in part one of this channel about your existence being multidimensional. In terms of your earthplane sojourns this can be divided into 4 major planes in a simplification to make it somewhat easier to visualize. But keep in mind from the greater aspects, these are all one. The four major parts for purposes of explantion are then the physical dimension, mental dimension, dream dimension and antimatter realm, which may be considered the Angelic realm and the source of your plurality core essence.

我们在这个 ( 通灵 ) 管道谈到关于你的存在是多方面的这一部分。在你的地球层面的作客中而言 ~~ 这可以分为 4 个主要的层面 ~~ 以一种比较简化而让它比较容易形象化的说法。但请记住,从更大的层面而言 ~~ 这些层面其实都只是一个层面。为了简单说明这四个主要部分 ~~ 则为 ~~ 物理维度,心理维度,梦维度和反物质领域 ~~ 这可被视为是 『天使的领域』以及你的多个核心本质的根源。


Only one of these four planes is within what you term as thespace-time continuum.

只有这四层面之一 ~~ 是你称之为『时空连续体』的层面。


The Enigma


Time and space remain an enigma to man, even within the dawn of the New Earth. Humanity queries time travel and space travel in the present from the aspect of physical laws. You will never reach areas of remote ‘space’ or hyper-space in fueled rockets. Nor will you effectively travel in time in constructed locomotive apparatus. We tell you it is a frequencial multidimensional ‘Torus’ concept, and not one contrived from only 3d laws of physics as you currently conceive them.

时间和空间对人类仍然是一个谜,即使是在新地球的曙光中。人类探询在目前的时间旅行和空间旅行 ~~ 从物理定律的层面在探索。那你永远达不到偏远的“空间”或超空间领域 ~~ 透过使用燃料的火箭。你也不会有『时间效率』的旅行在机器构造的器具之中。我们告诉你 ~~~ 这是一个频率的 , 多维度的 ' 环状概念 '~~ 而且不是一个从物理学的只有 3D 的法则中可以找到答案 ~~ 一如你们目前想理解的。


If you consider that in the Earthplane you are seemingly fixed in linear time and able to move about in space, then the opposite would occur at a specific Torus effect flip into parallel , where you would be somewhat ‘fixed’ in space and able to move about in time.

如果你认为在地球层 ~~ 你好像被固定在线性时间里,并能够在空间中移动,那么相反的将发生在一个特定的环状效应所翻转入的『平行实相』之中 ~~ 在那里你会有点“固定在空间”中以及可以在时间中移动。


Humanity began re-experimenting with teleportation and time travel over eight decades ago, albeit for the wrong reasons. This was idea was ignited by the works of HG Wells in the era of Tesla and Edison. The infamous event termed the Philadelphia experiment did in fact occur in an effort of warfare technology. However what occurred is not what your movies and media speculate. The awry results, while covert, disastrous and misapplied, did reveal stunning revelations regarding magnetic fields, gravity fields, and the potentials of dimensional teleportation and time-space effects. Research into telportation continued covertly in what you term the Montauk project, albeit largely unsuccessful.

人类开始重新尝试用隐形传态和时间旅行 ~~ 在超过八十年以前,尽管是出于错误的理由而这样做。这想法是在特斯拉和爱迪生时代被 HG 威尔斯的作品所启发的。臭名昭着的事件称为『费城实验』中 ~~ 在事实上 ~~ 是发生在战争科技的实验上。但是发生了的事 , ~~ 并不是你们的电影和媒体所猜测的那样。该出差错的结果,而隐蔽的,灾难性的和误用 ~~ 也揭示了令人惊叹的 ~~ 关于磁场,重力场和立体隐形传态和时空效应的潜力的启示。研究 telportation 隐形传态继续偷偷摸摸的暗中紧进行在 ~~ 你们称之为『 the Montauk project 蒙托克项目』之中 ~~ 虽然基本上不成功。


Teleportation & Time Travel

隐形传态 & 时间旅行


Time travel has absolutely occurred in both your future and past. Although there are contemporary instances in which people have temporarily passed into different time holograms, there are very few cases where the transition was permanent. Your Admiral Byrd did in fact temporarily view a very real passing into a different time epoch during his infamous polar flight. Most of the flight disappearances that are so publicized over the area you term the Bermuda Triangle were not permanent transferals. Time disruption did briefly occur, but the airplanes did not fully disappear into another epoch of time. The space- time gravity field was breached and this provoked confusion and fear, as well as navigational instrument failure. But true time-space transfer did not occur. Rather the disappearances were caused by the related instrument malfunctions that led to misdirection and radio silence, and the disappearances were simply crashes into the sea.

时间旅行绝对已经完全同时发生在你的未来和过去。虽然目前有些人得到暂时的进入到不同的时间的全息图的实例,也有极少数情况下,转变是永久性的发生了。您们的伯德海军上将也事实上在他的臭名昭着的极地飞行中 ~~ 暂时看到了一个非常真实的进入到不同时间的时代中去的事。而你们大多数如此宣传的 ~~ 在你们称之为百慕达大三角地区的飞机的失踪 ~~ 都不是永久性的移转空间走了。时间中断确实简短的发生了,但飞机并没有完全消失入另一个时代。时空引力场被攻破了 ~~ 这引起了混乱和恐惧,以及导航仪器的失灵。但真正的时空转移并没有发生。而失踪是由于相关的仪器故障,导致方向错乱和无线电静默所引起的,而这失踪也不是简单地崩溃入海而已。


Certain of your governments working in classified tandem with covert corporations have already developed crude mechanisms of time travel. These are not on the right path of discovery and not at a truly manageable level. The stress that results on the human ‘tempornaut’ is considerable, stress-aging the human body approximately 10 years on each journey. At present they are only able to move forward in time about 20 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time, when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic forces to crystalline bio-plasmic field this will beimproved considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not by random mishap. However this research will not be allowed to advance effectively until humanities light quota is much higher.

某些你们的政府在与秘密公司的秘密合作中 ~~ 已经开发出了『时间旅行』的初制机器。这些都不是在正确的研发道路之上,而不是在一个真正的可以运作的水平。导致对人的 tempornaut' 的压力是相当大的,应力老化人体约 10 年在每个旅行当中。目前他们只能向前移动时约 20 年,并且无法导航入过去。有一天,当所用的装置是由电磁力转换为水晶态生物电浆场 ~~ 这改善将会显着提高,并且时间导航将是故意的,而不是自然随机发生的事故。然而这项研究将不会被允许有效地推进,直到人类的光商额度能提得更高许多。


More advanced societies of your Earth, and indeed those termed the benevolent extra terrestrials have been capable of manipulated teleportation through the process of frequencial ‘dematerialization’ of particulate matter to antimatter and back.

你们的地球的更先进的社团中 ~~ 事实上这些所谓『友善的外星人』已经能够操纵隐形传态 ~~ 通过颗粒物频率性的“非物质化” ~~ 从特定物质进入反物质的反复过程。


There are in fact teleportation bases established and utilized benevolently by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance (In league with the Ahstar division of the Galactic Federation) beneath the infamous Area 51 in Nevada and in remote subterranean areas of the Grand Canyon. Your government inner factions are aware of these, and there is an ongoing interaction. However the interface is limited and the technology is not fully shared at this time.

事实上有隐形传态基地在内华达州臭名昭着的 51 区下被建立 , 以及在大峡谷的地下偏远地区 , 而且利用仁慈的天狼星 - 昴宿星联盟(与银河联邦的阿斯塔有联盟关系)。您的政府内部派系都知道这些,并有一个持续的互动。然而该接口是有限的,该技术目前并没有被充分的分享出来 ~~ 在此时。


Matter spectra harmonic dematerialization was the process used in building the great Pyramids in Egypt. This then the ability to upshift matter into a field above electromagnetic and gravity influence. The ability to make dense molecules float and swim, and then re-solidify into physical matter. Such teleportation was utilized by the Atlanteans with the technology of the Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian groups. Specialized Phi Crystals combined with specific sound vibrations were used to shift the coherent frequencies of matter from its physical form to its antimatter vibratory quantum-wave state. The transport was then processed through acrystalline coherent ‘laser-type’ beam conduit by targeting the precise energetic signature of the destination vector.

物质谐波光谱的非物质化程序 ~~ 就是使用在建设埃及大金字塔的程序。而这就是 ~~ 『提升物质进入一个超越电磁场和重力场之影响外的 ~~ 能力』 . 这能力 ~~ 可以让密度高的分子漂浮和游泳,然后再固化成物理物质 ~~ 的能力。这种『隐形传态』是亚特兰提斯所使用的 ~~ 来自天狼星 - 昴宿星 大角星人团体的技术。特别的 Phi Crystals( 披水晶体 ) 结合了特定的声音振动 ~~~ 被用来提升『物理的相应频率』 ~~~ 让物质变成『反物质振动量子波状态』 ~~ 这传输 ~~~ 然后 ~~ 通过一个结晶相对应的连贯“激光型”束导管 ~~ 透过瞄准 ~~ 目的地的精确的能量标志之向量 ~~ 而达成。


You are only now beginning to see evidence of matter to antimatter in the harmonic cycle. Your current academic studies of fullerenes; allotrope Carbon-60 Spherical fullerenes termed ‘Bucky-Balls’, reveals that the molecular truncated icosahedrons of fullerenes revert from nano-matter particulate to quantum wave in certain conditions. Your scientists have noted for decades that electrons appear and disappear in atomic orbits. When you discover the physics of such actions you will be on the cusp of understanding and ‘rediscovering’ the muti-dimensional science of teleportation. But as stated this will not occur before humanity is at a higher level of consciousness.

你现在才开始看到 ~~~ 物质经过谐波循环变成反物质的证据。你们当前的富勒烯 ( 球碳 ) 学术研究 ~~ 碳同素异形体 -60 球形富勒烯 ~~ 被称为‘ Bucky-Balls’,“ 巴基 球”,揭示了富勒烯分子截二十面体的纳米物质颗粒 ~~ 被恢复成量子波 ~~ 在一定的条件之下。您的科学家们注意到几十年来,电子出现和消失在原子轨道上。当你发现这些行动的物理学 ~~~ 你将会是在理解边缘和“重新发现”隐形传输的多维度科学边上。但如刚才所说的 ~~~ 除非人类是在一个更高的觉知意识水平,否则这事将不会发生。

(: 人类能力发现不了, 天庭也不放行.)



Time -Travel Influenced the Path of

the 2012 Planetary Ascension

时间旅行的影响 2012 年的行星扬升路径


You may be quite surprised that carefully purposed time travel has been an important and major factor in insuring the Ascension. Certain probable realities of your not so distant past had ‘past’ interventions that allowed for the planetary Ascension to stay on track. Indeed, far more effort than you may imagine has been made in assuring the New Earth in which you now reside. We tell you there have been envoys from the future than have come back in various time epoch holograms to insure this, and many of you were part of this.

你可能会很惊讶 ~~ 精密设计的时间旅行一直是一个重要的而且是主要的因素 ~~ 在确保『扬升』这事上。在你不太遥远的过去的某些可能的实相中 ~~ 曾有些 ' 过去 ' 的干预 ~~ 能够允许行星扬升得以留在轨道上。事实上,比你可能想像得到的更多的努力 ~~ 已经被取得来保证了你现在所居住的新地球。我们告诉你,已经有来自未来的使者们 ~~ 他们从不同的时间时代的全息图中已经回来了 ~~ 来确保这件事,而你们中许多人也都是这些人其中的一部分人。


It may seem like science fiction, but we tell you the defeat of the Spanish Armada (Inquisition) and the defeat of Nazi Germany were two such events that were influenced in outcome by ‘back from the future’ envoys. Both the Inquisition and Third Reich groups were manifested ‘bleed-throughs’ of the core energy of the Aryan Sons of Belial of Atlantis. Had the two referenced outcomes not been influenced, the planet would have taken a vastly different path, and the planetary ascension and unfolding ascension of humanity would have occurred much later in time and in a much different way. The cataclysms that past seers foretold would have occurred between 1998 and 2012. The earth would have tilted on its axis and a complete rebooting and replanting of humanity on the planet would have takenplace to allow for a fresh start.

它可能看起来像科幻小说,但我们告诉你 ~~ 西班牙无敌舰队(宗教裁判所)的失败和纳粹德国的战败 ~~ 这两个事件是由从未来回来的特使们所影响的结果。无论是宗教裁判所或是第三帝国 ~~ 都是“亚特兰提斯恶魔的雅利安儿子的核心能量 ~~ 所显化的血脉相承。如果以上所谈的这两件事的结果没有被影响的话 ~~~ 地球会走向一条完全不同的路径,而行星的扬升和人类的扬升的揭露 ~~ 也会在时间上更晚发生 , 而且会以一个非常不同的方式出现。过去的预言家所预言的大灾难曾说 ~~ 会在 1998 年和 2012 年间发生,地球轴心会倾斜 , 而一个完整的重新启动和人类的重新种植在地球上会发生,以便重新开始。


If you are a student of European history, you are aware of the great improbability of the Spanish Armada defeat. German scientists and physicists in all probability would have developed the atomic bomb before 1944. Probable pasts were changed and you were the co-creators of that change. We do understand how difficult this may be for you to accept, but it is indeed a fact that many of you are aware of in higher mind. Indeed some of you are among these envoys now. Many advanced souls are yet among the advanced soul groups that are navigating, in a manner of speaking, the expanded awareness necessary to create the New Earth.

如果你是欧洲历史的一个学生,你就会知道的 ~~ 西班牙无敌舰队的惨败本是极度不可能的事。而德国科学家和物理学家完全可能在 1944 年之前就已经开发出了原子弹了。所以可能的过去被改变了 ~~ 而且你们正是那共同的创造者们所做出的转变。我们明白让你们接受这些事有多困难,但它确实是一个事实 ~~ 而且是你们很多人的高我心智中都知道的事实。事实上,你们有些人现在是在这些使节之中。也有许多先进的灵魂还尚未进入导航的先进灵魂组员中 ~~ 换言之 ~~ 还没有扩大的必要的觉知意识 ~~ 以协助创造新地球。


Some of the well known scientist of the past century including Nicole Tesla & Albert Einstein, were absolutely incarnated from a ‘future’ era, as were certain writers and visionary artists such as Stanley Clarke. They, like you, take on the filters of duality, and were not truly ‘frontal-brain’ aware of this truth. Tesla became more aware of this later in his lifetime. He corresponded with your Edgar Cayce, and shared that many of his inventions were ‘given’ to him in the dream state. This was indeed given from a future portion of himself.

一些过去的世纪着名的科学家们 ~~ 包括尼可·特斯拉和爱因斯坦 ~~ 是绝对来自 ' 未来 ' 的时代的转世者 ~~ 某些作家和富有远见的艺术家,如斯坦利克拉克 ~~ 也是 ! 他们和你一样,承受了『二元实相的过滤器』,而不是真正的 ' 额叶脑 ' 所明白的这个道理。特斯拉在他的一生的后来更加意识到了这件事。他与您们的 Edgar Cayce 凯西一样,并分享了他的许多发明 ~~ 那都是在梦的状态中 ' ' 他的。这确实是从他自己的未来的部分所给出来的。




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