Dear men and women,


Welcome to this circle. I am Mary Magdalene. I was once on Earth as a woman who lived and loved, and sometimes despaired and struggled with the very human emotions that you all know so well within yourselves.


I am here today to argue the case for what it means to be human. Many of you are tired of being human. There is a lot of struggle in your hearts, pain and fear from the past, and sometimes weariness, as well as a turning away from true openness, because of what being human on Earth might bring to you. All this is quite understandable, because by coming to Earth, you meet a resistance within that is dictated by memories of past lives and stirred by a nostalgia for Home, a home that you have known in the realms of harmony and light. You all carry those memories inside yourself, and when you come to Earth as a descending soul, your mood can sometimes become very depressed.


Connect with the part of yourself that is struggling here on Earth, and accept that it experiences fear about being here. Your consciousness is not of the Earth; your consciousness is infinite, cosmic, and feels at home in the entire universe. It is here on a visit and only lives temporarily in an earthly body. Acknowledge and receive the part of yourself that is scared to be here, fearful of really taking part in life, and afraid to be open to everything that can be experienced here on Earth. Allow that pain to be there: the doubt, the loneliness, the boredom, the despair. I ask you to open to that wound, because a hurt can be healed only when loving attention flows toward it.


Many of you want to take on the adornments of the spiritual path. But when you reach up high for the light, before you know it, you have left behind the earthly. What you are really encouraged to do, here and now, is to look at the darkness within yourself and to send light to that darkness, which is something that can evoke resistance in you. However, to descend into your own darkness, loneliness, feeling of separateness, is what can give you the most fulfillment. When you do this, you discover who you really are, a carrier of light, someone who can illuminate the darkness.


Now, imagine that the old pain which lives in your souls is gathered within the center of this circle of people. That pain is expressed in so many ways; it can manifest as agitation, anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, a sense of disconnect. I ask you to envision, as you all stand in a circle around this old pain, that there is a lighted torch in the hands of each one of you that is extended toward the center of the circle, so this pain can be fully illuminated and seen, and no longer has to hide in the dark.


Allow your light to shine. You are not that pain; you are the one who can relieve the pain and transform it, and that is your true task and mission here on Earth. When you cast your light onto your own darkness in this way, the light also shines toward others and encourages them to do the same. You are then a lightworker; it starts with you. The most profound invitation is there for you to fully accept and embrace your most vulnerable parts, and this is what we have done this week. When you look at the deepest wounds in a person, you will see that they are the same in virtually everyone, man or woman, and come from their need to be known and loved, or come from a feeling of being deprived of love and understanding.


The original purpose of sexuality, of intimacy, is joy, and that encounter is intensely valuable, you might even call it sacred. When the male and female meet in openness and respect, there will be a union of energies that is literally creative. A child may be born from this union, a wonderful and beautiful new human child. But this meeting is also creative in a deeper sense. On a soul level, you can become enlivened and touched by the soul of another in a way that is intensely enriching for you, and through which you become part of the One without losing your own uniqueness, your individuality. That is the true meaning of an encounter between man and woman. Feel the beauty of this and feel how deeply you desire this, the sacred meaning of sexuality. As a soul, you are always searching for the One, to come home to yourself, to come Home to the divine. You have many names for it, but they always fall short: God, the One, the all that is, the universe, the cosmos.


It is about that longing you feel deep within yourself to abide in unconditional security, to be accepted completely, and to be allowed to express yourself freely. This deep nostalgia lives in everyone and the grand thing about the meeting between husband and wife – or between two love partners, which can also be between two men or two women – the wonderful thing about the sexual encounter, is that you can there experience a glimpse of the One, of unity. In being human, precisely through such polarity – the duality of man and woman – you get a glimpse of Home, of paradise, and you are enriched because of it. Sexuality is meant to be a source of light, a tender dance.

这是关于你内心深处渴望安住于无条件的安全中,能够被完全接纳,被给予自由表达自己。这个深度的思家之情活跃于每个人之中,丈夫和妻子 --- 或者两个爱人,也可以是两个男人或两个女人 --- 之间的相遇,性遭遇的奇妙之处在于你可以体验一、统一的一瞥。身为人,尤其在这样的极性中 --- 男人和女人的二元性 --- 你可以一瞥家、天堂,你会因此被充盈。性本该是一个光的源头,一个温柔的舞蹈

However, especially in the field of sexuality, human beings have become deeply wounded; a distance and hostility has developed between both sexes. People no longer feel at home with the energy of the opposite sex, even when those energies are within themselves. Women have difficulty taking on their masculine energy, their self-confidence, their power. Men struggle to surrender to their feelings, their emotions, to the enjoyment of, and the fusion with, another. How has this come about? It would be a very long story to bring to light all aspects of the evolution of the male and the female energy. But the basic fact is that God, the source of all that is, has given you the freedom to explore and experiment, and to also risk having outcomes in the form of energy that is out of balance. Yet this was necessary so as to actually come to understand who you are and what responsibility has been given to you. You are not a child in the hand of God, you are a God in the making who must learn to take responsibility and to be in balance with all the elements of life.

无论如何,尤其在性的领域,人类深深地受伤。在两性之间一个距离和敌意出现。人们不再对异性的能量感到 家的温暖 ,即使当那些能量位于他们之内。女性难以拾起她们阳性的能量,她们的自信,她们的力量。男性难以臣服于他们的感受,他们的情感,与彼此的享乐和融合。为什么会这样?要说清男性和女性能量的所有进化面向需要很久。但基本的事实就是,神,一切万有的源头,给予了你自由去探索和实验,以及体验失衡的能量导致的结果。但这是有必要的,这样可以真正明白你是谁,被给予了你什么责任。你不是神手中的一个孩子,你是一个正在成型的神,必须学会负责,平衡所有生命元素

You are a God in the bud. Feel how you are powerful and autonomous. You are one and indivisible, and although you are inextricably bound to the Source of everything, you are also totally yourself, entirely unique. Allow this knowledge to sink in. You are you and no one else, and that is itself a miracle, a mystery. That is what it is like to be a soul, indivisible and unique; that is what it is like to be a God, a creator: free, independent, autonomous.


Can you fully bear the responsibility of this much autonomy? That is the real question. A part of you does not want to bear that much responsibility, and that part is your shadow. It feels powerless, anxious, separated from the Source. It wants to return Home, like a child who calls for its mother. And very often, romantic sexual relationships are used as a way to come Home – but this does not work.

你能完全承担起这个自主的责任吗?这是真正的问题。你的一部分不想要承担这样的责任,那个部分是你的阴影。它感到无力、焦虑、与源头分离。它想要回家,就像一个孩子呼唤他的母亲。通常,浪漫的性关系被用作一个回家的方式 --- 但这并不奏效

Home is in you – being your own unique self. To take on your full autonomy is the first step to a mature relationship. Being at home in yourself, resting in your own core, is the condition for a deep joyful relationship with another. But this condition runs counter to the childlike desire that is often looked for in a romantic love relationship, a longing to abide in the other, to completely merge into another, as if the other is an all-knowing parent on whom you can lean as a child. It is precisely in romantic love that the inner child wants to release its own burdens and put them onto another. There is then an emotional dependence and soon both partners become stifled.

家在你之内 --- 作为你独特的自我。拾起你充分的自主权是朝向一个成熟的人际关系的第一步。处于内在的家中,在你的核心中休息,是与他人拥有一个深度喜悦的人际关系的条件。但这个条件与 经常寻找浪漫爱情关系、渴望安住到另一个人之中、完全与另一个人融合,好似另一个人是一个无所不知的父母,你可以作为一个孩子依靠 的孩童般愿望相反。在浪漫的爱情中,内在的孩童想要释放他的负担,把它们放到另一个人身上。然后会有一个情感依赖,很快两个人都会被窒息

The first step to a holy, healing relationship is to fully come home to yourself; to put your arms around the child inside you that went astray and feels lost. Take up your own adult role; the other person can not heal your wounds; you are your own healer, your own light. When you can descend into yourself in this way, accepting yourself deeply and entirely, you are ready to reach out and touch another in openness and wonder. That is step two in building a joyful, abundant relationship. Reach out to the other in wonder, and wonder means there are no expectations, no wanting something and needing nothing, but simply to look with wonder, with interest at the other.


The most beautiful form of romantic love is to marvel, to be attracted to the other, to want to learn and explore the other in the most open and intimate ways. And to do that without wanting to add that person to your worldview, to your ideas; without wanting to shape the other to your expectations, your needs, but to really play together. It is only then can another give themselves, because there is then no pressure or obligation. You are free, the other is free, and you come together voluntarily.


There is then something higher that connects you both, something that rests in the heart. You do not try to change or heal the other, or try to make them better. No, you together celebrate life, and through doing that you are healed. Not through the other, but through yourself and your ability to rest in yourself, and from there to being open to receive from the richness and the abundance of another soul.


I ask you to now do that with your thoughts. Imagine you are completely at peace. Do it physically by going down along your spine, through your heart and your abdomen to your pelvis, and feel that here is the area in your body that is associated with sexuality. Feel this in wonderment and openness without the prejudice, the feelings of shame or impurity, which have been attached to sexuality from society and the past. Feel this area as just as acceptable and neutral as, for example, how a toe on your foot feels. Here is the anchor for your being human, and here, in the area of your abdomen and pelvis, are your basic instincts. It is here that you rest on Earth.


Descend with your consciousness, just be present. Wherever you now are, feel at home with yourself, with whatever human emotions you are struggling. What matters is that you are there for yourself. Your light, your core, can face everything, because it is an immortal light, a light that softens and understands. Fill out your whole aura with this light. Feel truly held in your own divine light, and feel how the universe, God, the Source of all, loves you. That is why it created you, to be as unique as you are. You are fully accepted, you are admired, you are loved, because you are who you are, exactly as you now are.


Look from this state of consciousness to someone you love. It could be your life partner, but also a friend, your child, or your father or mother. Just pick someone who now comes to mind, with whom you now want to connect. While you connect with that person who you see before you, stay completely with yourself; your boundaries are retained, so rest in yourself. Feel easy and comfortable doing that. Breathe quietly into your abdomen and do not feel like you should help or change the other. In fact, you need not do anything at all, simply remain in yourself. Then look with an openness and wonder at that other person. Look at what they radiate as they now are in front of you. When you are observing in this way, you reach out to the other in wonder. You do not have to do anything and the other does not have to do anything. You simply observe what the other looks like, how they move, and what you notice about their energy.

从这个意识状态看向你爱的人。他 / 她可以是你的生命伴侣,也可以是朋友,孩子,或父母。随便挑一个你想到的人,你现在想要连接的人。当你与那个人连接,完全与自己同在。你的边界被保留,所以在你之中栖息。感到这么做的轻松和舒适。静静地用腹部呼吸,不要感到你应该帮助或改变另一个人。事实上,你不需要做任何事,只是处于你之中。然后伴随着敞开和奇妙看向另一个人。看看他们在辐射出什么,当他们处于你面前。当你在这样的方式中观察,你在奇妙中把手伸向另一个人。你不需要做任何事情,另一个人也不需要做任何事情。你只是观察另一个人的样子,他们的动作,你注意到他们的能量

Then you move closer to that person, while your energy field remains around you. From your heart, you feel deeply for this person. Let whatever you feel toward them rise up spontaneously, and observe that with wonder and without judgement. Look at what connects you and what gives you the most vital and joyful connection. Do not look at what does not go so well or collides, and what causes encounters, but look at the highest, lightest, most joyful strand which connects you, in which the energy flows effortlessly between you, and enjoy that. You do not have to do anything with it except to get pleasure from it.


Receive that light for a moment. Feel how the light through that thread flows to your heart and see what that does to you. It brings something new and sparkling into your life, something with which you can move forward, which further enriches you. You will receive it from your being together, while you also allow each other to be free. It is in the wonderment, and in allowing the other to be free, that you meet each other most deeply. That is the purpose of real intimacy.


Step one is to be at home with yourself, to rest in yourself, and to continue to do so even when you are in contact with another. Step two is reaching out in wonder, and not wanting to change or control another, but merely to look, feel, and discover. And step three is enjoying that which flows easily between you when are together. Enjoy that flow and let the other be free.


Relationships on Earth are very precious. It is where you energetically encounter your most intense human emotions. I said in the beginning: “I am here today to be an advocate for being human.” By that I mean, historically, the attempt was often to manifest the divine in yourself by transcending your humanity, by trying to rise above it, and to actually flee from your own emotions by becoming a recluse so as to avoid the bonds of authentic partner relationships. My way to the divine is by being human through relationships, because even though that is where you are most deeply confronted with feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and despair, it is also where you experience wonder, deep joy, connectedness, and an intimacy that is so precious.

地球上的人际关系非常珍贵。你会在关系中遭遇你最强烈的人类情感。我一开始就说过: 今天我前来提倡去成为人。 我的意思是,按照历史,你经常通过超越你的人性,通过试图提升超越它,通过成为一个隐士逃离自己的情感,避免实际伴侣关系的束缚来体现你之内的神性。我到达神性的方式就是作为人经历人际关系,因为即使这样你会深度遭遇孤独、想家、绝望的感受,你也会体验奇妙、深度喜悦、连通性,一个非常宝贵的亲密

When you have once entered into a deep intimate relationship with another soul in human form, it remains forever in your soul memory. When the soul is deeply touched through being human, through being a man and a woman connected through sexuality, then that is truly a gateway to the divine. In this way, the spiritual, the divine light, can really begin to live in people and in human society. Spirituality attains a living, golden radiance, not through being isolated in some realm far above, but precisely through the interplay on Earth between human to human.


I want to thank you for your being here together, the openness with which you are connected from your heart. This is what matters! True spirituality is not about discipline, or developing certain skills or arts that you master. It comes down to that one thing: an open heart, a human heart that itself wants to bow down to its own darkness in wonder and gentleness, and through so doing will also taste the joy of love – warm human love.

我想要感谢你处于这里,敞开,从心连接。这是最重要的!真正的灵性不是关于戒律,或发展某些技能或精通某些艺术。一切归根结底为一样东西:一颗敞开的心,一颗想要在奇妙和温柔中向自己的黑暗鞠躬的人类之心,这么做会品尝到爱的喜悦 --- 温暖的人类的爱

Thank you very much.


传导:Pamela Kribbe

翻译:Nick Chan






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