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We send you greetings from the Most High during this powerful month that is supporting and strengthening your place in the great grid of Christ Consciousness. This grid was consciously strengthened 30 years ago by thousands of Lightworkers who came together to celebrate what came to be known as the Harmonic Convergence.


我们发送给你造物主的问候,在这个强大的月份中,支持和加强你在伟大的基督意识网格中的位置。这个网格在 30 年前被有意识地加强,被走到一起庆祝谐波收敛的成千上万的光之工作者。


~ The Councils of Shamballa who oversaw the creation of the Harmonic Convergence


~ 香巴拉委员会监视着谐波收敛的创造


December 21, 2012 marked the end of the old world and the beginning of a new Golden Age of Freedom, which was seeded 30 years ago in 1987 with the convergence of thousands of Lightworkers known as the Harmonic Convergence. Beginning with December 2012, a portal for receiving the encoded ascension frequencies from your Central Sun was opened, making way for this new world. This gave Gaia and all life upon her the accelerated codes for supporting the Ascension of all life and set into motion the energies necessary for the Earth to realign with her true origin as an ascended planet.


2012 12 21 日标志着旧世界的终结,新的自由的黄金时代的开始,也就是 30 年前 1987 年所播种的,伴随着谐波的收敛。从 2012 12 月开始,从中央太阳接收编码的扬升频率的门户打开,为新世界腾出道路。这给予了盖亚和其上所有的生命加速的代码去支持扬升,启动所需的能量来与盖亚真正的起源重新对齐


Gaia’s ascension is also being supported by the opening of a new portal, which will usher in new codes from both the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun. This portal will be fully opened in mid-August when humanity will be graced with extraordinarily powerful ascension frequencies supported by the two eclipses in August and the grand anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17.


盖亚的扬升还被一个新门户的开启支持,会引入中央太阳和大中央太阳的新代码。这个门户会在 8 月中旬完全开启,到时人类会被赐予极其强大的扬升频率,被 8 月的日月食支持,以及 8 16 17 日谐波收敛的纪念日支持


The first eclipse on August 7th, will be expanding the unconditionally loving frequencies of the Divine Feminine so it can be felt and assimilated within the heart during the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence August 16 and 17. One of the functions of this anniversary is to encourage Lightworkers across the globe to join hearts in order to strengthen the original Convergence grid so it can expand its capacities to pour Love and Light into the hearts of every soul across your world as well as the galaxy.


第一个月蚀在 8 7 日,会扩张神圣女性无条件之爱的频率,这样它就能在 8 16 17 日的谐波收敛纪念日在心中被感受到和吸收。这个纪念日其中一个功能就是鼓励全球的光之工作者心连心,以便加强收敛的网格,这样它能扩张自身的能量把爱与光倾泻到每个灵魂的心中


Although the primary purpose of the original Convergence has been supported during the last 30 years, we ask that you expand your support during this anniversary so its original purpose can be again expanded within the hearts and minds of as many as possible around your world. This year’s Harmonic Convergence anniversary on August 16 and 17 will then be followed by a full solar eclipse on August 21 and the combination of these powerful energies will greatly stimulate and expand the ascension potentials by clearing away anything that is no longer in harmony with your ascension into your unlimited Self and the releasing of what no longer serves you and all life around your world.


虽然在过去的 30 年最初收敛的主要目标被支持着,我们请求你扩张你的支持,在纪念日期间,这样它最初的目标可以再次在许多的心和头脑中扩张。今年谐波收敛纪念日会紧随一个日全食,在 8 21 日,这些强大能量的联合会极大地刺激和扩张扬升潜能,通过清理不再与你扬升到无限自我对齐的一切,释放不再服务你和其他生命的一切


The August 21st eclipse will also be ushering in a time that Light Workers can use to cleanse and clear any remaining limiting energies or unconscious 3rd dimensional attachments. Humanity has primarily been supporting their own limiting beliefs and opinions for thousands of years until they became the foundations for their false identity of limitation, while further clouding their connections with the guidance of God and their Divine Purpose to restore peace, harmony mutual empowerment and abundance for all.


8 21 日的日全食还会引入一个时间,光之工作者可以用来清理任何残留的三维有限能量或无意识的附件。人类被大量地支持有限的信念和观点数千年了,直到它们成为虚假局限的基础,同时进一步地混淆他们与神之指引以及神圣目标的连接(恢复和平,和谐共同的授权和丰盛)


By taking the charge off your old beliefs, you are then free to commune much more directly with the mind and heart of Mother/Father God until ONLY your God Self or inner Divine Presence is in charge of your life.




The highly supportive energies of the Harmonic Convergence are all pointing to your return to Oneness, as very soon it will become increasingly painful and uncomfortable to try to maintain any old attachments or memories that are not serving your living in Oneness with your Divine Presence.




All of these August energies are going to bring everything to the surface that has been hidden or held in denial. The purpose for this clearing is ultimately to assist you in strengthening your ongoing willingness to release any value you might still be giving to any old limiting energies since they will only continue attracting similar limiting circumstances to you. It is always your choice to let go of these attachments so you may live wholly as your Presence or God Self.


这些 8 月的能量会把一切隐藏或否认的东西带到表面。这个清理的目的就是最终协助你加强你不间断的意愿去释放 任何你依旧会给予旧的局限能量的任何重视,因为它们只会继续吸引相似的情况给你。这总是你的选择去放下这些依附,这样你就能完全活出你的神之自我


The stronger and more passionate your choice to use the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to support releasing any limiting attachments and live as your Divine Presence, the easier it will be to accomplish your ascension.




Always remember that you are never alone and the more you reconnect into the great grid that was established during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the more you will remember what it really feels like to live in Oneness with the Creator. Remember that you are never, ever alone and your part is simply to lovingly ask for and accept help whenever you feel it is needed and then to give thanks, love and gratitude when it is consciously recognized.


总是记住你从不孤单,你越接入伟大的网格,在 1987 年谐波收敛中建立的,你越能忆起生活于和造物主的合一是什么感觉。记住你从未,永远不孤单,你的工作只需请求并接收帮助,然后感谢,爱,当有意识地接收


Remember the giver, the gift and the receiver are all the same ~ YOU as you open to receive the gift of rising into your already ascended True Self, living as your unlimited Divine Presence.






通灵:Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

翻译:Nick Chan



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