量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质

时间里 --- 时间外 --- 环状效应

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, www.earth-keeper.com

大天使梅塔特隆透过 James Tyberonn 传导

Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time

Time In – Time Out – The Torus Effect

Full Channel – Parts 1 & 2

完整通灵纪录– Parts 1 & 2

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The Past is Not Fixed



All time is dynamic. The past and future as you ‘believe it to be’ in truth exists as a series possibilities perceived through electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the ultra violet field. These are entered via the pineal in coherent theta consciousness. These electromagnetic codings can be changed, and in fact are in constant flux.

所有的时间都是动态的。过去和未来 ~~ 一如你所相信它是的 ~~~ 事实上是透过操作一系列的可能性而存在着 ~~~ 透过紫外线领域内的非物质的心智的物质脑的水晶部分所持有的电磁接收器来感知这些可能性。这些都是透过松果体以相对应的 theta 西塔意识波而输入。这些电磁的编码是可以改变的,而且事实上是在不断变化的流动中。


You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one- way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of yourpresent and future. The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future. Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. You select the past as a probability as you do your future.

你的脚本你的命运 ~~~ 而且你的命运不是一个线性的单向动态。你创作你的过去与你创造你的现在和未来是一样的重要。过去 ~~~ 是相当有可塑性的 , 而且并不比你的未来更固定。现在,你的心理过程和信念创造你的过去,而你的过去与你的未来一样存在着许多有效的可能版本。你选择过去的概率与你选择你的未来的概率是一样高的。


We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time.

我们告诉你吧 ~~~ 如果下一代都必须从小被教导 ~~~ 罗马帝国统治世界直到 17 世纪的话 ~~

的确,这个过去会成为现实,而且证据会被找到来确认此事。然而,这将是一个完全不同以往的过去 , 跟老辈们所建造的相比。但两个过去都会是真实的。两者同样会是时间的全息程序内的分开但尚未有效的档案。


As humans in duality, many of you accept and understand that present action can change the future, but what you are less willing to accept is that present actions can and do change the past as well.

由于人类在二元实相中,你们中有许多人接受也理解, ~~ 目前的行动可以改变未来,但你们不太愿意接受的是 ~~ 现在的行为也一样可以改变过去。


The past is no more detached or separate from your present than the decisions you make today. Quite the contrary… everything you do effects your past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and misactions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. Furthermore, you benefit more than you may realize from making such changes, for the improved ‘mental attitude’ shift that such changes bring are essential to your forward progress.

过去并没有比你今天所做的决定 ~~ 距离你更远。恰恰相反 ...... 你所做的一切影响你的过去,而且相同的 ~~~ 你可以删除多年前还是几世之前发生的 ~~ 你们现在称之为 ~~~ 创伤和错误的行动的事。除此之外,您将受益超过你可以理解的程度 ~~ 当你做出这样的改变时 ~~ 因为这个『改善了的心理态度的转变』 ~~ 这种变化带来的 ~~ 是你往前进展必不可少的关键。


The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the humanbrain (pineal) enable you to do so. The probable past can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. Many such changes do happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. You can now learn to do this consciously by entering Quantum Consciousness via Mer-Ka-Na.

人脑(松果体)内的电磁晶体门户让你可以这样做。这可能的过去是可以被改变的,而这种变化并非难得。许多这样的变化确实会自动发生 ~~ 在潜意识的基础上。现在你可以学习有清楚意识的做到这样 ~~ 透过进入量子意识的梅卡巴做到这一点。


Quantum Consciousness



You are Beings of Quantum Consciousness, and as such there are indeed much greater realities that exist beyond your physical perceptions. The physical system in duality is a purposeful illusion. You are dreaming the dream of humanity. You are powerful spiritual beings wearing ‘duality plane’ filters. You are Divine sparks of Creator source attending the ‘University of Earth’. And so you we ask you to contemplate and discern what we share. We ask that you consider the information that we offer.

您是有量子意识的存有,因此确实有存在超出你的身体感应理解力之外的更大的实相们存在。在二元性的物理系统 ~~ 是一种有目的的错觉。你是在做人类的梦。你是强大的灵性存有 ~~ 戴着 ' 二元层的过滤器 ' 。你是造物主神圣源头的火花来参与“大学地球”课程。所以,我们请你思考和辨别我们分享的讯息。我们希望您慎重考虑我们提供的这些讯息。


We wish to tell you that physical lifetimes in duality are a means of extraordinary growth, of exquisite spiritual evolution. You think of humanity in the duality realm as having spiraled downward, and while the density aspects are in that sense a devolution of experiencing cause and effect, the greater truth is that lifetimes are freely chosen here in duality. Duality experience is not a punishment, rather a credentialed course in mastery …one that you have deliberately chosen. It is not easy , and we honor you for that courage. And we tell you that you will graduate, you will Ascend….All in Time!

我们想告诉你~~在二元性的物质人生~~是精致的灵性进化的超常增长的一种手段。你把人类的二元性境界想像为~~已在不断下降之中~~而从这个意义上而言 ~~密度层面就是在经历一种因果的移交,但更大的事实是~~这些转世人生都是在二元层这里自由选择出来的。二元性的经验不是一种惩罚,而是一个在掌握资格的过程......一个你特意的选择。这是不容易的,我们尊敬你们的勇气。我们告诉你~~你就要毕业了,你要扬升到....All in Time!所有的时间!



I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is…and it is so…


因此,事实就是这样 ...... 它就是这样 ......


Part 2 of Quantum Consciousness

Part 2 量子觉知意识


Greetings Masters!

Now, as we continue part two of this interesting topic on Quantum Consciousness and the nature of time, we will speak first of the genesis of time as you know it within your duality sojourns.

问候大师们!现在,当我们继续对量子意识与时间的本质这个有趣的话题的第二部分,我们将首先谈到时间的成因源起 , 一如您们在你们二元实相的作客之中所知道的。


In the earlier phases of Atlantis and LeMuria, you were not in the duality school of the earth-plane.



You were present as androgynous ‘thought-forms’ and manifested at will. You did not reincarnate into physical biological matter. As such you were not in linear measured time.

你那时是以雌雄同体的『思想形式』出现 , 而且可以随意显化。你那时并没有转世到物理生物物质中去。因此你那时不在线性测量的时间当中。


Genesis of Time



The first earthplane entry experienced by the souls of light that later became humanity was through the Arcturian Star-Gate via the original grid(The Firmament) that provided the non-polarity plane .Linear space-time did not truly exist in that phase of the ‘Omni-Earth’. Experience was a mental projection, a lucid dream of sorts.

光的灵魂存有们所经验到的第一个地球层的初始经验 ~~ 造成后来的人类 ~~ 是透过大角星星门 ~~~ 通过原来的网格(苍穹)所提供的非极性层。线性时空并不真正存在于那个阶段的『全方位地球』。经验在那时是一种心理投射,是各种各样的清醒梦。


This mental plane manifestation began approximately 12 million years ago from your current stance, but an exact timing within the firmament earthplane is speculative as that experiential beginning had no sequential chronology. Both LeMuria and Mu were gestalt composite templates of this existence for hundreds of thousands of years in the firmament projection.

这种灵性层面的显化开始于大约 12 万年前 ~~ 从你们目前的位置来算,但在苍穹当中的地球层内的确切时间只是一种估算 ~~ 因为体验式的开始并没有连续的年表。利莫里亚和 Mu 同时是完全形态的复合模板式存在介面 ~~ 存在于苍穹当中的几十万年的存在之中。


The first true venture into time and space in fully physical incarnations came with the dissolution of the Firmament Grid and the formation & placement of the first Polarity Magnetic Grid approximately 106,000 years ago.

第一个真正进入时间和空间中 ~~ 完全物理化身的转世 ~~ 是跟随苍穹电网的溶解而形成的第一个极性磁电网格的形成与到位 ~~~ 在大约 106000 年前。





In reference to the Firmament & Polarity Magnetic grids, we wish to briefly explain that grids are the geometric polyhedrons that enable the physical-matter experience. Sacred geometry is the fabric of the Cosmos. Grids encapsulate the Omni-Earth and allow for life expression.

在参考了苍穹和极性磁栅,我们想简单解释一下 ~~ 网格是几何多面体,是使身体与物质的体验可以成形的介质。神圣的几何是大宇宙的结构。网格封装了这全方位地球 , 并且允许了生命表达体的出现。


In analogy for explanation, think of grids as computer operating systems that contain & allow for programs of life expression. The original grid in non-polarity earth was the firmament. It was a sphere containing 12 concentric spheres.

用比喻来解释 ~~~ 把网格想成是电脑计算机的操作系统 ~~ 那是含有并允许生命表达的程序发生的系统 . 这原始网格是存在非极性地球苍穹 . ~~ 它是一个含有 12 个同心球的球体。


The original grid of duality was an icosahedron grid containing within it all of the ‘platonic solids’, which are life codes. After the ‘Fall of Atlantis’ the gravity-magneticgrid, a dodecahedron, became dominant. In 2012 a new grid, the Crystalline Grid came into full operation. It is a double penta-dodecahedron with 144 vertices. It is also called the Ascension Grid. It expanded the earth from 3 to 12 dimensions.Think of it as Windows 2012. In 2038 a new Firmament will emerge.

这二元性的原始网格是一个二十面体网格 ~~ 它包含了所有的 ' 柏拉图固体 ' ,这是生命的代码。在“亚特兰蒂斯跌落”之后 ~~ 这重力磁栅,一个十二面体 ~~ 成为了主导。这是一个双五十二面体有 144 个顶点。它也被称为“扬升网格”。它扩大了地球从 3 12 维度 .~~ 把他认为是『视窗 2012 . 而在 2038 年新的苍穹将会出现。


Duality – The 1st Eden & University of Polarity-Free Will

The placement of the 1st magnetic grid allowed for polarity-duality, enabling free will expression.

二元性 第一个伊甸园&极性 - 自由意志的大学

第一磁栅的位置允许了极性二元性的存在 ~~ 让自由意志可以表达。


This was the original ‘Eden’ in which souls were gendered, male and female, and the Laws of Cause and Effect came into play, as the Earth became the ‘school of growth’ as a means to master physical reality.

这是原来的 ' 伊甸园 ' ,在其中的灵魂是有性别的,男性和女性,而造成的因果法律效应也开始起作用,因为地球成为了“成长的学校” ~~ 作为掌握物理现实的手段。


So when we speak of simultaneous incarnations of the earth, this is the beginning point of the time holograms that measure your progress as an incarnate human in the reincarnational cycle. You do reincarnate in space- time holograms in order to complete the process. Physical death and reincarnation is the pattern, and while death is quite apparent to you, reincarnation is not.

因此,当我们提到地球的同步转世化身, ~~~ 这是你的时间全息图的起点 ~~~ 衡量你进步为人类化身的轮回循环。你在时—空的全息图中轮回 ~~ 以完成该过程。肉体的死亡和轮回 ~~ 是这个模式,而死亡对你是很明显的,但轮回则不是。


Understanding the certitude of this process is an important comprehension because one truth opens the door to the next. When your beliefs match the true nature of reality, achieving your purpose in this cycle is far less arduous. What is even harder for many of you to understand is that all lifetimes occur at once.

了解这一过程的确定性是一个重要的理解 ~~ 因为一个真理为下一个真理敞开了大门。当你的信念与现实的本色相符时 ~~~ 实现你的目的在这个循环中 ~~ 是远不艰钜的。而对你们许多人而言更难了解的是 ~~ 所有的转世都同时发生 !


Your sojourns in duality are simultaneous, and that isan even more important realization because you are nearing the completion of this cycle. In Year Two of the New Earth, multidimensional consciousness is more accessible for a reason. You have the ability and eventual requisite of harmonizing all simultaneous lives.

您在二元性的逗留是同时进行的 ~~ 这是一个更为重要的了悟 ~~ 因为你即将完成这个循环。在新地球的第二年,多维度觉知意识是更容易进入的一个原因是 ~~ 你有能力 , 而且终将和谐化所有同时性转世人生的最终所需。



【大天使梅塔特隆】(1)【量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质】《时间里 --时间外--环状效应》 
【大天使梅塔特隆】(2)【量子觉知意识 & 时间的本质】《时间里 --时间外--环状效应》 



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