I am Archangel Michael with a message for my children on Planet Earth.


Now you are living minds of dis-ease, un-rest and unwellness. You cannot trust your thoughts, as this is of course, because your thoughts are controlled. You make the best of living with a mind that attacks, thinks violent thoughts, that perhaps wishes harm on others, wishes harm upon you, a mind that stresses you out and diseases the body you are housed in, a mind that angers easily, a mind that becomes tired of itself.


We understand how difficult this struggle must be. Your job is to tame your mind, heal your thinking and understand the lies you are taught to believe. Your job is to understand that there are many dark forces that enslave your mind to their own frequency of thinking. These evil beings taunt you day and night, encourage your anger and encourage you to hate yourself and others.


You are tormented beings.


I, with my forces of angels, the Light forces under the Ashtar Command, and all other of God's servants who are here to clear the world of this evil work tirelessly to help to free your minds of this pestilence. Their dependency upon you for their unholy well being is driving many of you to the depths of despair, seeking solutions to end the torture you enact upon yourselves by doing the unthinkable - perhaps of taking your own lives. We understand that you are a people chained to these evil forces not through your own will but through theirs and we work to free you from the evil they perpetrate upon you through your lower minds.

我,伴随着我的天使力量,阿斯塔手下的光之力量,所有神的仆人,前来清理这个世界的邪恶,不知疲倦地在致力于清理你头脑中的毒物。他们依赖于你,因为他们邪恶的存在驱动许多人到达绝望的深渊,寻找解决方案来结束你施加给自己的折磨,通过做出无法想象的事情 --- 也许自杀。我们明白你被捆绑于这些邪恶的力量,不是通过你自己的意愿,而是通过他们的意愿,我们致力于让你从“通过你较低头脑对你作恶的”邪恶中自由

One day, all will be clear. There will be no more prompting to create argument, no more angry outbursts, no more hatred of others, no more unrest. You will be able to shut your eyes and experience peace, the peace of God, and love for your self that you have never known since the overtake of planet Earth by these evil forces.


One day, you will truly be free because your minds will be free of stress, your bodies will be free of disease, your thoughts will be free to be loving again.


Now the solution is to work to understand which thoughts are yours, which are the loving thoughts, and which are not, and these are the unloving thoughts, the thoughts that lead to bad habits, self loathing, hatred of others, and worse. These are the thoughts put into your heads by the parasites who live from your loosh.


We have cleared the astral plane. It is clear of all negativity. The underworld, the lower fourth, is still being cleared. Lower earth orbit and underneath the surface of earth is still being cleared, so there is much work to do. We are making great progress in the DUMBs, eliminating all of the dark who seek to torture your minds, to stress you out, to creative division in you, so that they can live. Division is important to them in order that you think as they do.


There is hope that within a year or so your world will be cleared of negative entities. Please do your part and flag them up to me or remove them yourself and send them to the great central sun. All must be recycled. Earth is no longer their home. It is your home and at last you will be able to start feeling that way.


I remain Archangel Michael. I love you all. Call on me when in need. I am here for you.


传导:Sharon Stewart

翻译:Nick Chan




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