In order to put today’s message into the correct perspective, we must reference a comment that was posted about or to us about our last message. The commenter said, “You have been sending these messages to us for years and you never say anything.” There are many responses we can make about that statement. We shall makea few of them.




We are guides and teachers.Within our number, we include, we can truthfully say to every reader, your ownHighest Self. Our function is to move you always along the path to your growthand the evolution of your consciousness. We do tell you what you truly need toknow and you find it, among all the messages in your environment, when you needit.




It is not our purpose tokeep you informed about things that are readily available to you from sourcesupon your world. All of that is available to you quickly and easily upondevices that sit on your laps or ride in your pockets.




There is the issue of whatyou choose to believe and what you do not. That is a freedom that you areendowed with and with which we will never interfere.




However, we do choose to, as we are allowed, try to keep your spirits up, your courage strong, and your eyes on the prize.And we absolutely will never tell you anythingthat might prolong your journey. You came to accomplish a monumental taskagainst almost impossible odds. You need help, not interference.




Now, having said all ofthat, let us move to the immediate present and future if we may.




We have warned you thatthings would get very bumpy. The topsy-turvy that has been spoken of is nowmoving into your present very rapidly. Things that will be very hard to believefor some are on your immediate horizon. Things that will be even more thandifficult to swallow, to stomach, for almost everyone will be exposed. Manyknow of these things already, but they have been suppressed or disbelieved.




A tide of awakening, if wecan call it that, has reached a level that will now cause a great change in the consciousness of your societies. In the new light, the new energetic environment that we have spoken of for years, things cannot remain hidden.Truth must be known…and dealt with.




Please understand that thisdoes not mean that you must see all that can be seen. But it does mean that youmust know what has been allowed to exist. And it has been allowed. It mustnever be allowed again. Responsibility must be taken.




This will be the hardest thing humanity has ever undertaken, BUT… we want you to remember this.This will be overrelatively quickly. And it will be tempered by the experience of moving into anew world that will hardly be recognizable to you.




Huge discoveries andprogress have been made in many areas over the last decades that has been kepthidden. It will be given to you. Things that were taken from you againstnatural law will be returned. You will discover what the word freedom trulymeans.




You knew all this when yousigned up. Yes, you are tired of hearing that. But you must take heart from theknowing that you have accomplished this at last.



 These are things we do tellyou about. We do not discuss your bank accounts, your love lives, etc. We knowthat they are important to you. But they involve choices that are yours tomake. And those are opportunities. Life is for you to experience and enjoy.




Blessings are on the way.




传导:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan






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