God said:




You do know, beloveds, that life pretty much takes care of itself. Life doesn’t need all your intervention. Regardless of your intervention or your looking away, life pretty much has a life of its own.




Sometimes life turns out just as you wanted it to, and sometimes it does not. Certainly your intention and consciousness play a part, and yet life goes its own way anyway. Whether life goes the way you want or doesn’t go the way you want, you simply don’t always hold sway over life. Surely you know that by now. You are a player in life, yet you are not the only player. You play in the orchestra, as it were, and yet you are not always the chooser of what songs are to be played




Life is not a horse that you can set your spurs to. Nor is life a horse that you can tell Whoa to.




Life does not give you a map ahead of time. Life makes its path as it goes along. If life has a plan, it often doesn’t let you in on it until the plan has been enacted. You are a partner in life, yet you do not call all the shots, and you are left in surprised delight or dismay.




Beloveds, will you admit that it may well be a good thing that you do not outline the map? You might misinterpret, and you might forget for a moment all the others who are affected by what you might decide.




Absolutely, envision your life and the world as you would like them to be, and then let them go their way, even when it is not yours.




You are not the Comptroller of the Universe. You have a say, yet not the only say.




You may desire to control life according to your wishes, yet if you did have such control, you would think from a greater perspective. You might want a sunny day for a picnic, yet knowing that you could make any day you choose sunny, you might give thought to the rivers and to the farmers, for you would know your responsibility.




Yet, even if you don’t know now, you do carry responsibility. You have responsibility for your input. You have responsibility for how you react to rain or shine. The fact is that even right now, you have all the responsibility in the world. How you take your place in the world is significant.




You have all the say in the world how you will be, and how you will be will affect everyone and everything else in the world. You don’t have THE say, and yet you have say.




If life is a card game, you have a hand to play. Play well. Whether you get the cards you want or not, play well. Beloveds, what else is there to do?




When everything turns up roses, that’s great. And when you have to fold every hand, isn’t that all right too? Who is to say it’s not? There are other people playing.




Sometimes you are the dealer, and yet you don’t deal yourself the hand you would want. Isn’t that all right too?




Will you bless every hand? Will you bless the one who holds the winning hand, and will you bless those who bluff, and bless those who play well, and those who play not so well? Will you just bless life, encourage it, and not give up on it and not be sore at it?




Will you play this game of life with Me, and let’s see what happens today. Let every day be your day to shine, why not?




翻译:Nick Chan



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