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Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.




We have arrived at several conclusions about humanity from our observations. One of our conclusions is that you take things for granted very easily. Its easy for you to take something for granted that someone else in the collective would consider to be a situation worth celebrating.




You have begun to explore the darkness that exists within the collective as well, and you like to segment off yourselves from that darkness. You like to see it as outside of yourselves, but this doesnt serve you. You have to embrace it as a part of yourself in order to move past any need to experience it in your world.




You also have a tendency to sweep things under the rug. So when something comes up within you, you dont necessarily acknowledge it or face it yourselves. And if it involves another person, youre also very likely to just ignore it, to not give it the proper attention, and you certainly do not often bring it up with that other person.




That also does not serve you and is the reason why many of you are not getting along with those you are in the closest relationships with. Eventually, you cannot hide from what you are feeling, and it comes up and it comes out in ways that are often very destructive to the relationship.




Weve also been noticing for quite some time that you have a fascination with acquiring things. You often look at something outside of yourselves and see it as the answer to all of your problems. And then when you get it you realize, of course, that it is not.




Now, recognize that these are not indictments. They are observations, and we are wanting very much to help you to choose the aspects of yourselves that we have also noticed. That humanity possesses many positive attributes is without question. You have a capacity for courage and compassion. You have a willingness to forgive and love unconditionally. You are creative, inventive, and you have endured quite a bit of pain and suffering, and yet you have this ability to make light of things with your humor.




You are beautiful beings, and we love you beyond words. When we observe you at your best, we feel that pride and love. And when we observe you at your worst, we send you even more love and compassion because we know how much suffering is underneath those times when you are at your worst. And we know that love and compassion are the only answers to be of service to you.




We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.





翻译:Nick Chan



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