I come on the wings of love to speak with you this day about the great amount of energy that is being directed to each of you upon the Earth from the Angelic realms. Know that we of the Angelic Kingdoms have been amassing upon the Earth in order to be of assistance to humanity in this time of great change and transformation. We are eagerly awaiting your requests for assistance and do require by Universal Law that you ask us. We will gladly surround you and will accompany you throughout each day and night, as once the connection between us is made, we are then assigned to you to work closely with you at all times.


Each of you have Guardian Angels and many Guides and Teachers and now the Angels have been assigned the task of coming to your assistance to help you integrate more fully with your Higher Self and we can act as intermediary between these aspects of yourselves. We stand ready to manifest your calls on behalf of the Earth and humanity, the various kingdoms upon the Earth, and those that concern your personal lives. We are very capable of performing these tasks on behalf of our Creator, whose Will we follow with utmost devotion and Love.


These transforming times brings many more of us to work with you, as we have been assigned to see to your every need. Nothing is being spared by Prime Creator in ensuring that each beloved human upon the planet is given every opportunity to ascend with the Earth into the higher dimensions of consciousness. There is literally, armies of Angels everywhere, joyfully and lovingly ready to be of service. Do call upon us and we will come immediately.


How do you know we have come when you call us? Watch for subtle signs such as the shapes of clouds in the sky, a light touch upon your head, a slight breeze around you, tingling in your crown chakra, triple digit numbers that you keep seeing, being led to websites or blogs where you will find the answers you have been seeking, people who will tell you that which you needed to know and become aware of, a feeling of joy and lightness of heart. These are all ways that we Angels make contact with you. We are rarely dramatic in our approach to you but are rather subtle and delicate in our contact. There is the need for each of you to cultivate this awareness as to how we approach you, in particular, as this will then be a clue for you to know of our closeness and nearness to you.


We can help you with healing, guidance, knowledge, wisdom, awareness, protection, and just about anything that you desire. If your personally assigned Angels do not have the expertise to give the assistance you require, rest assured that we will contact the Angels who can. We are very meticulous in performing our tasks and work to ensure that we always fulfill your requests, so please think carefully about what you desire to ask of us and make a list of all your requests so that you can then have a record of remembrance when what you have asked for has come about.


We are all Light hearted and love to laugh and play and we have a wonderful sense of humor. We dance and sing and do everything we can to uplift you when needed and we are your constant companions on your journey through life and will be with you until we are no longer needed. As your spiritual growth takes place, you might be assigned different Angels who are able to take you to your next level of growth and awareness. Our greatest joy is to be of service to Creator and to humanity at this time of Great Awakening.


It fills us with joy to be called upon and recognized and once you learn how to perceive our presence in your lives, you will be given our names, if you ask. We are beings of unconditional Love and Light and we know of nothing else. Each person upon the planet is deeply revered and loved by the Angels and indeed, by Creator. Our sole function is to minister to those who call and request our presence. Know that this is always available to you and that there are no judgments from us on any part of your Earthly life, for we know you deeply as the true beings of Light that you are. It is our greatest desire to serve you during this and the coming years of transformation.


I AM Angel Tana




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan




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