Beloved masters, a wondrous time has come, a time for which we have long waited. Yes, you too have awaited the arrival of this blessed event even though you knew not what it was. The focus for many thousands of years has been on God as the Father, and you have sought to embody his dominant virtues and attributes: power, will, wisdom, truth and valor.




Now it is time for the Goddess, your Mother God, to radiate the fullness of her love, compassion, creativity and wisdom throughout this Sub-Universe. Every Facet of Creation is being touched and affected by this awesome gift.




Just as surely as you came forth into the world from the cradling warmth of your mother’s womb, so did we all burst forth as Spirit from the womb of our Divine Mother God. From our Father God’s Divine Mind Essence came White Fire Seed Atoms of creation, which were radiated forth into the heart center/core – the Cosmic Womb – of our Mother God’s Being. Then through their unified desire, we were radiated forth into individualized consciousness — spiritual expressions of such great and complex variety, it is beyond comprehension.


就像你从母亲温暖的子宫进入这个世界,所以我们也是作为灵魂从神圣母亲的子宫诞生。从我们父神的神圣心灵本质而来的是创造的白色火焰种子原子,被放射到心之中央 / 核心 --- 宇宙子宫 --- 我们的母神。然后通过他们联合的渴望,我们被放射成个性化的意识 --- 如此巨大和复杂的多样化的精神表达,超越头脑的理解


We have explained to you, over these many past years, how the Rays of cosmic consciousness have changed colors as well as frequencies during each Root Race and Sub-Root Race Era ~ how they have been increased or diminished in force depending on the new Divine Blueprint, what was needed at the time, or what was to be experienced and integrated within a certain era of humanity’s passage through the many Ages.


我们已经跟你解释过,在过去的这些年,宇宙意识和光线是如何改变颜色以及频率的,在每个根源( Root Race )种族和次根源种族时代 ~ 它们的力量如何增加或减少,取决于新的神圣蓝图、当时什么是被需要的或者什么被体验和整合到人类的某个特定时代


You also have heard of the Golden Ray, which represents and carries the radiance, virtues and attributes of our Father God, and of the Silver Ray, which radiates the reflective virtues of our Mother God. We tell you now, this Silver Ray is just a minuscule Facet of her awesome power and radiance.




The new energy that is now pouring down upon the Earth and humanity has been called the Platinum Ray, the Diamond Ray, and the Crystalline Ray, but no matter what you call it, it cannot describe the magnificence of this miraculous gift that is being given to all Creation.




It is the memory of the perfect love of your Mother God, described by the ancients as the “Holy Spirit,” that you have yearned for and sought throughout these many ages, precious ones. A place within your heart center has ached; a place that could not be filled by anything or anyone in the physical expression.




The time has come for that place to be filled to overflowing with her unconditional love, compassion, strength and purity. All you have to do is remove the insulation from around your heart/Soul chamber – your Sacred Heart – and allow her radiance to enter.


是时候让那个地方被她无条件的爱、同情心、力量和纯洁充盈。你所需要做的就是移除心 / 灵魂腔室 --- 你神圣的心 --- 周围的隔离,让她的光辉进入


I hear the whispers in your minds, beloveds, “But am I worthy?” We tell each and every one of you, yes, you are worthy — no reservations, no exceptions. Yes, the Universal Laws are enforced here as with everything, laws which will determine through your vibrational frequencies how much of this energy you will be able to integrate.


我在你的头脑中听到了低语,亲爱的,“但我值得吗?”我告诉你们每个人,是的,你值得 --- 毫无保留,没有例外。是的,宇宙法则在这里实施,法则会通过你的振动频率决定你能够整合多少能量


But without exception, it is available to all, and eventually, a White Fire Seed Atom of this rarified love potion will be ignited within every heart, and in every corner and Facet of Creation. It cannot be otherwise, for it has always been there; however, it became diminished in radiance each time you sank deeper into the density of the material planes of consciousness.




You see, it is time for reunification at all levels, from the highest to the lowest; therefore, the attributes, aspects and virtues of the Mother Creator will be the dominant force in this Sub-Universe until a balance between your Divine masculine and feminine Nature is once more attained.




Your DNA is encoded with Divine love, compassion and creativity, as well as the strength, power and the will to create, which were passed on to all sentient Beings by our spiritual parents. This is a vital component in attaining Unity Consciousness once more.


你的 DNA 被神圣之爱、同情心、创造力、力量、创造的意志编码,由我们精神上的父母传递给所有众生。这在重新实现统一意识之中是一个至关重要的组成部分


We have focused on and tried to explain why so many of you are experiencing distress, discomfort and uncertainty, and yet, at other times a sense of great joy, wonder and expectation well up from within. Some are calling it the Light Workers’ syndrome, and this is an appropriate title. Here again, you cannot even begin to comprehend what is happening to you and your Earth, as well as this Sub-universe and the entire Universe.




You are mutating as your DNA strands are unbundled and activated, and your brain is slowly being refined and upgraded. You are also reconnecting to your cosmic lineage as you move along the skeins of time, back to the time when you separated from your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad, and began your journey into the density of the Fourth- / Third-dimensional realms of materiality.


你在突变,随着你的 DNA 链被松绑和激活,你的大脑在被缓慢地精炼和升级。你也在与你的宇宙血脉重新连接,随着你沿着时间的直线,回到你与五维神圣三位一体分离的时候(开始四维 / 三维物质领域的旅程)


Envision the column of Light that your spinal column has become, or is becoming, and see it move down into the crystalline core of the Earth. Then observe the expanded sensation you feel as it extends out of your crown chakra until it connects with your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad. Now envision other smaller beams projecting out horizontally from your column of Light as they touch and merge with individual Souls in physical embodiment — your Soul / Star family here on Earth with you.


想象你的脊椎变成或正在变成光柱,看到它向下进入地球的水晶核心。然后观察你感到的扩张的感知,随着它从你的顶轮扩展而出,直到与你五维的神圣三位一体连接。现在想象其它较小的光束水平地从你的光柱投射而出,随着它们触及和与物理体现中的个体灵魂融合 --- 在地球上与你在一起的灵魂 / 星星家人


These energy projections are not the same as those you extended to others, in the past, in the Third-Dimensional expression. Those projections were attachments which were intended to control, possess or siphon energy. The Rays of Light you are now projecting carry the virtues of unconditional love and unity.




Watch the Rays of energy you have projected, which are part of you and the radiance you are reclaiming, as they connect with your Soul family in the higher realms, as well as with the masters, angelic Beings, and those with whom you have a great affinity. Yes, see your beam of Light connecting and merging with my energy, and with that of the other beloved archangels, as well as those of every great Being you know and recognize, and even some you don’t remember.




The time will come when you will be ready to merge, in full consciousness, into the heart center of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-Universe. This will occur in the far distant future, but we assure you, it will happen. For now allow yourselves to get used to the idea that you are becoming multidimensional Beings of Light.




You are projecting your essence, the unique Being you have become, into the realms of the higher inner Dimensions and out into the solar system and galaxy. You are following your own individual path homeward — journeying back through the past toward your glorious future.


你在投射你的本质,你所成为的独特存在,到更高内在维度(内在)以及太阳系和银河系(外在)。你在跟随自己个人的回家之路 --- 通过过去朝向你辉煌的未来


Beloveds, when anyone speaks of a coming or predicted event in a negative way, why not give them another view point, another possibility or probable future? Ask them to help us manifest the highest outcome so that you may experience this transition into the Light with joy, ease and grace.




It is a time of golden opportunities – do not miss out on the gifts that are being offered you. Know that I am with you as you expand into the Light and reclaim your rightful place as a beloved child of our Mother/Father God.


这是一个黄金机遇 --- 不要错失提供给你的礼物。知晓我与你同在,随着你扩张到光中并重新宣称你的理应之地,作为我们父母神挚爱的孩子


~ I AM Archangel Michael.




通灵:Ronna Vezane

翻译:Nick Chan





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