I come on the wings of love! I want to speak with you about our great desire to work together with you on the tasks that are before us in bringing forth the ascension of planet Earth and all of her inhabitants. The new energies are intensifying every moment of each day and there is now a great need to work together. We, the angels, are surrounding the Earth on Creator’s instructions and we are awaiting the calls of our human counterparts. We need you to call upon us so that we may be of service. Do call upon us, Beloved Ones!




We need to work with the angels of the Earth in unison. Call upon us before you start any of your decrees or invocations, call upon us to join you and to enact what you are decreeing. Call upon us before you start meditations. Before you start global meditations, call upon the angelic realm, the legions of angels to join with you, there is so much that needs to be done. There is energetic activity that is occurring at every level and in every facet of life upon, within, and around the Earth. This is all occurring continuously, for we work on the spherical time belt, not linear time.


我们需要与地球上的天使一致地合作。在你开始任何的法令或调用前呼唤我们,呼唤我们加入你并执行你所发令的东西。在你开始冥想前呼唤我们。在你们开始全球冥想前,呼唤天使领域,天使军团来加入你,有着许多需要完成。在地球之上 / 之内 / 周围的每个生活层面和面向中有着活动在发生。这都是连续发生的,因为我们在球形的时间带上工作,而不是线性时间


We, the angelic realms are in awe of the Light that is radiating from the people on the Earth plane. We get very, very excited about the next step, and the next step is to work together with you … so know this, that we are anxiously awaiting your calls into service. Engage us - work with us, so that we may work with you and through you in Divine service.


我们,天使领域,敬畏地球人民散发出来的光。我们对下一步感到非常兴奋,下一步就是与你们共事 ... 所以知晓,我们焦急地等待着你的呼唤来进入服务。与我接洽 --- 与我们共事,这样我们可以与你共事,通过你进行神圣的服务


All of the countless legions of angels that are flitting to and fro upon the Earth plane are busy assisting individuals everywhere around this world as they call upon us. We help each and every one of you wherever you may be. Know that you are loved by the angels and we especially wish for you to call upon us whenever you are confronted with stories that cause fear in the hearts of humanity.




When you are presented with these, call upon us to clear these, with the violet transmuting flame and ask the angels to clear these energies, to sweep these energies away. We can do this and we are waiting to help transmute the effects that have been wrought by those who wish to create fear upon this world and through humanity. We reiterate, Dear Ones, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. If you do not succumb to this fear, it slides over you and is gone and your life continues on its blessed path.




Know that the angelic realms of Light, the ascended realms of Light, the cosmic beings of Light, the galactic beings of Light are ever with you, watching everything that occurs upon the Earth. You are not in danger; the only danger is if you succumb to the messages of fear, to those who wish to keep you in this energy for their own purposes.




Do not allow this, keep a higher vision of the Earth and her inhabitants as you wish it to be. Look not to the right or to the left, rather, stay and walk the middle way, the middle path of balance, order and sanity. Stay calm and centered, for you it is who are the hope of your world, and we know already, that you have brought this world to the next dimension. Now, the task that is upon us is to take humanity into their next step of awakening.




Together, we can make this happen. Together we can work as one to accomplish this great task. Call upon us and know that you are loved beyond measure and that we await your call into action.




I AM Archangel Raphael.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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