I come on the wings of love to speak with you about the wonderful events that have been taking place and the wonderful transformations that are now occurring upon the Earth. You have been diligently performing your tasks and have been coming more and more into the understanding of your role here on the Earth and that is a wonderful accomplishment for we of the higher realms to see. We are in awe of your great resilience, power and ability to anchor the cosmic Light into the Earth. We are also in awe of your ability to adapt to the constant changes that you are experiencing in your daily lives, and we are in awe of the great Light that you are radiating. The Light of love shines brightly within your heart chakras, the Light of intelligence illuminates your entire energy field.




You truly are honored representatives of the Light of God that never fails. As all the grids have become more powerfully connected and they interact, this energy interacts upon the entire planetary grid system. This is igniting within the consciousness of each human being upon the Earth. As your Light grows, it automatically, Dear Ones – automatically - spreads upon the Earth to all others. Wherever you walk on this Earth, you impart this radiant Light to those around you and you ignite within them the desire to know God as you know God. You impart to them the desire to experience the goodness of their own being, to experience the purity and the strength, the inner strength, and the power and sovereignty of their being.


你确实是备受荣耀的神之光的代表,从未失败过。随着所有的网格更加强力地连接并相互作用,这个能量的交互发生在整个行星网格系统之上。这在点燃每个人的意识。随着你的光成长,它会自动地,亲爱的 --- 自动 --- 在地球上传播,传播到所有人身上。无论你处于哪里,你把这个光传播给周围的人,你点燃他们之内想要知晓神的渴望。你把想要体验自身存在的良善、体验纯洁 / 力量 / 内在力量 / 主权的渴望传播给他们


Each of you does this without too much thought as you walk upon the Earth in your daily lives. Even though you do not advertise this activity in any way, still, just by your mere presence, this radiating and spreading of Light occurs. And so we have here an ignition that is occurring automatically, wherever you may go. Those of you who have volunteered to be transducers of the cosmic energies are beginning to feel and understand that this is occurring as you move about in your daily lives, as you travel, or as you get the urge to travel. This you are doing by following our prompts to bring more Light into certain areas.




Know that wherever you go, the cosmic Christ Light is being anchored, and we say to you, Beloved Ones, this Earth is being lit up as a great Light from afar and all who live upon her are now beginning to vibrate in the frequencies of joy, peace and harmony and are manifesting these qualities onto the Earth plane to everyone and everything around them. The frequencies of joy, peace and harmony are of immense benefit to the Earth and all her inhabitants. Because of the ups and downs of the ascension process, this has not always been a joyful process for the Lightworkers of the world to hold steady. Know that at those times, your Light is being reinforced by those of the higher realms.




So do intend to attune yourselves to these frequencies each day at the beginning of each day, that you may be a carrier of these frequencies wherever you may go. I, Metatron, look upon each of you and marvel at the Lights that you have become, growing in radiance, brilliance and purity. Well done, Dear Ones! We from the higher realms of Light are indeed proud of each and every one of you. We honor you and bow to you in the deepest respect and gratitude for all that you do, for all that you are, for the great Light that you shine upon this world.




I AM Metatron, I salute you and send to you my greatest love, Light and highest esteem.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan





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