Greetings to You Lightholder! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).




The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.








Today we begin by saying this; one of the most dreary things you can tell a person today is that they are here for a reason. There isn’t one person that at one point or another in their life hasn’t heard that or something similiar to. People don’t want to know or they all ready know they are here for a reason, but they want to know THE REASON. And that is not an easy one to figure out for anyone.




We have destiny and freewill, these too always interact, in every lifetime. From our understanding, only MAJOR events in one’s life are pre-destined. Everything else is up to you. At times, though it is rare, even these major events may change based on your actions.




This brings us to YOU, the star children, the old souls, and whatever term that is used to define this group of people who have CHOSEN this path.




Please notice how we said CHOSEN. YOU chose your destiny, but perhaps you have forgotten this. Or did destiny choose you? You decide this in a few moments.




Why are you referred to as a Starchild or as an Old Soul? For one, you come from the stars, so does everyone else. But, you have traveled the Universe a whole lot more than most people on Earth. You are an Old Soul, in terms of experience. You became an individualized soul millions of years before most people on Earth and some of you before Earth herself.




The plan was laid out, the Universe knew what had to change and the place was chosen where all this shall unfold. So an invitation was sent out, an echo heard in the stars. Who was willing to leave everything behind, including all memory of one’s previous lessons, one’s mastery, and descend upon the Earth.




This is when millions and millions of souls volunteered for this mission, and YOU the Old Soul were one of the millions. But volunteering was not enough, it was not entirely up to you if you get to take part in this or not. You had to be chosen by the Higher Councils, for this was a great endeavor, not for the fainthearted as the saying goes.




In simple terms we can say you have done it all, and this is why you were chosen. Not only to bring light to a world that was seemingly stuck in the abyss, but to PERMANENTLY lift this world out of darkness into the light, and with this act and mission lift up the entire galaxy and beyond to a higher vibration.




Here we are now, yes we can say nearing the completion of the mission. We know you will say but it doesn’t feel like I did anything to change anything. And we say your presence alone has caused this world to change. You have done great works, not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes here on Earth. Also, the way this world is about to change in the next seven years alone, such enormous change has not occurred in the past one hundred years.




Once again it is YOU who will step forward, this time as leaders of the new world. This is the lightholder’s destiny. You cannot and will not escape this next wave of change, for not only does your soul seek to be of service, but also you chose and were chosen to accomplish what at one point was deemed impossible by the Galactic Community. In the very near future you will again be called, hear the echo, to step forward and give this world the final push it needs to uplift into the 5th Dimension.




The Mother




Earth, no word to describe her love for her children, her power and will, her yearning to return to her rightful place in the stars.




Let us be blunt for a moment, she has been as you say to hell and back, which is still an understatement, in her four billion years journey. She has had the best and the worst of times, and now, she is reborn. She is releasing her old 3d matrix body and birthing her original blue print vessel, that contains all and only natural components.




Through all of this, she never loses hope, but is also filled with joy, perhaps now more than ever before because now her children are also awakening and becoming aware of their true identity and aware of the connection they have with their Mother, her love, her body, and of her service to humanity and the Universe.




It is in these times that we need her just as much as she needs us. For our light, love, support and assistance in restoring her into the original pristine state she once was in.




We will mention a few things we can do in our daily lives to contribute towards the healing of Mother Earth and ourselves.




Reducing toxicity should be our number one priority, for healing ourselves and Earth. Focus on natural organic sustainable practices. How can we reduce waste? What items are reusable? What can we recycle? How can we reduce air pollution?




Walk, bike or take the bus to work at least twice week. Buy more whole fruits and vegetables instead of packaged or processed foods. Make homemade, non-toxic cleaning products to reduce the toxins in your environment and bodies. Go ahead and try a vegan diet, see how you feel after a few weeks. Use a refillable water bottle(avoid plastic bottles, use glass instead). Turn of your tv, phone, computer, and go for a long walk. Meditate and send light to Earth. Dance on Mother Earth’s body.




There is much we can do to contribute to the healing of our world and our selves. It is all a matter of choice. It is time to give an end to carelessness and live from the heart.




The Call




Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in extraterrestrials? There is probably a hand full of people reading this piece right now that would answer no to those two questions.




When you became aware of yourself as a separate entity and begun your journey here on Earth, two angels were assigned to you by heaven. They were your guides, your helpers, they watched over you from the day you were born until the day you passed. And they returned with you in every incarnation.




Unfortunately very few souls were aware of this, even though there were many signs and signals in your daily lives of this, most would see things as a simple coincidence.




Today we do not only speak of YOUR specific guides that were assigned to you, but we speak of the Heaven Collective, the entire Angelic Realm. They always were, are, and will be ready to assist you at your request. And that is the key, YOU have to be the one to request assistance and invite them in your reality for them to respond.




This is perhaps the main issue. Many do not BELIEVE, and those that do, do so with skepticism, and this greatly effects the process of prayer, meditation, and even the simple doing of just ASKing for help.




There is no such thing as a coincidence. All one needs to do is pay attention and you will notice when your guides intervene. So, call upon them, see for yourself, but most importantly, BELIEVE.




The Reset




All is now unfolding at great speed. Change within you and change in the outer world is now occurring faster than ever before, the light is shining in the darkest areas and situations of the world. Today we say to you that the light is also shining on the Global Cur·rency Re·set, and all the gates are now open for this blessing to come forth.




Please understand that the challenges you have faced and sacrifices you have made in the past have paved the way to a favorable future that is to blossom into manifestation, so now the real excitement begins.




The turning of the key towards the open position has occurred. The Repu·blic has been restored, it is all a matter of making the announcement public. NESARA is ready to be announced. The Global Curr·ency Res·et is ready to be released.




What you may see now in po·litics are just games being played by the New Powers That Be. We can say they are just “messing around” with the very few remaining Cab·al minions. The two know that the light has triumphed, and we have long past the point of no return.




What we have been waiting to hear about and see for all these years is to be manifest for us all within a very short period of time, all is ready to go at moments notice.




Things will never be the same again on our beloved Earth. Great joy, abundance, and good fortune shall reign and are on your way.




There is a magnificent celebration coming, and YOU will not miss it. So hold your light and feel the change, be ready for it is time for the miracles to unfold one after another.




As always, in every thought, word and action, let love be your intention. The brightest light shines from within. From heart to heart, I Am KejRaj.





翻译:Nick Chan





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