We recently spoke of the importance of practising energetic clarity for your comfort and well-being (refer to the daily message from November 29th). Did you know that you can use the same technique for clearing space as well?


最近我们诉说了为了你的舒适和福祉(参考 11 29 日的信息)练习能量明晰的重要性。你是否知道你可以用相同的方法来清理空间?


Just as keeping your own energetics clear and shining brightly is an essential practice for you to thrive, it is just as important to create an equally supportive environment in your home and work spaces.




Simply imagine a spark in the centre of the room or building you would like to clear, that is Christed light. See that spark grow and grow until it becomes a huge ball of beautiful sparkling golden light that extends far beyond the space you wish to cleanse and support. See the circle of light surrounding the building and extending deep into the ground below.




This simple yet incredibly effective technique is ideal to use to keep the energetics of your living or working areas clear and energetically supportive to you and all who inhabit the space. It cleanses out any residual or unwanted energies quickly and efficiently. You can use it before you move into a new home, to cleanse an area after an argument, to calm a stressful environment, and to create supportive energies for everyone who enters the space.




Dear Ones, as you continue along your enlightenment journey, choosing to create the most supportive energetics, both for your body and where you spend the most time, is an important practice to help you grow and thrive with the most comfort and ease possible. Energetic health is an essential part of whole health, and an important part of your self care. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


亲爱的一们,随着你继续启蒙之旅,选择创造最具支持性的能量,为了你的身体和你花最多的时间处于的地方,是一个重要的练习会帮助你成长和繁荣,伴随着尽可能地舒适和轻盈。能量的健康是整体健康基本的部分,是你自我关怀重要的部分。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan


音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKNUAIRi5mw


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