Let us begin, then. We believe all of you beloved Lightworkers are doing a more than admirable job in helping Gaia to ascend, while also assisting all of humanity to ascend along with her. We can see and feel how very challenging it is, and has been, during these very chaotic “end times”. However, these end times are not a depiction of your much-talked about “apo·calypse”…rather it is the “end” to all of the tyr·anny, ensla·vement, and, as you say, “ra·bble-ro·using” all over the world, by these beloved dark ones. We call them beloved, because even though they are committing dark acts, they are still a God Spark, just as each one of you are…and they are just as deserving of Love, as you are.


让我们开始吧。我们相信所有亲爱的光之工作者不仅做着令人钦佩的工作帮助着盖亚的扬升,同时还协助着所有人与她一起扬升。我们可以看到和感到这是多么地具有挑战性,在这些非常混乱的“结束时刻”中。但,这些结束时刻并不是对你所谈论的“启示录”的一个描述 ... 而是所有暴政,奴役 的“结束”,以及如你所说的,这些亲爱的黑暗存有在世界各地“蛊惑人心”的结束。我们称他们为亲爱的,因为即使他们做出了黑暗的行为,他们依旧是神的火花,就像你们每个人 ... 他们就像你一样值得拥有爱


There is a new, daily meditation that has been initiated by one of ours, or, so to say, an old soul…a very old soul, at that!…and one of the topics of focus during this meditation recently, was to send Unconditional Love, to all the dark ones. We very much appreciated seeing that…seeing all of the Golden White Pink light, saturating every dark, confused soul, on Mother Gaia. We can tell you that it helped the beloved White Hats to carry out their very challenging tasks, more than you know…and it is continuing to do so.


有着一个新的日常冥想被我们中的一个人发起,或者说,一个老灵魂 ... 一个非常古老的灵魂! ... 最近这个冥想期间所专注的其中一个主题就是,把无条件的爱发送给所有黑暗的存有。我们很高兴看到这些 ... 看到所有金色,白色,粉色的光,渗透每一个黑暗,困惑的灵魂。我们可以告诉你这有助于亲爱的白帽子进行他们非常具有挑战性的任务,比你知道地要更多 ... 它会继续如此


We would add that there are many, many spiritual souls who have been getting together in groups, to meditate on the states of the world, and they have also been very helpful, indeed. However, as has been addressed before, there is infinitely more power generated, when the numbers are larger, and the focus, simple and straightforward.




We can see the most amazing changes that are beginning to take place on Gaia, since this “8,000” meditation has begun. We see people being kinder and more compassionate with each other, we see great insights coming forth inside your minds…and we hear joyous music, as if from the heavens, bursting forth from the ethers! It is wonderful and miraculous!


我们可以看到最惊人的改变正在盖亚上发生,因为“ 8000” 冥想已经开始。我们看到人们彼此更加的友善和富有同情心,我们看到伟大的洞见来自你的头脑 ... 我们听到喜悦的音乐,好似来自天堂,从以太中迸发!这是奇妙的,神奇的!


We are overjoyed to see you Lightworkers claiming your rightful place in this Universe…using your gifts to help lift humanity out of the depths of despair, and raising them up, into the heavens of Love! We cannot wait for the veil to be completely lifted, so that you may be able to see, as we do, how much Light and Love your efforts have brought to Gaia, and all of humanity…it is a beautiful sight to behold!


我们很高兴看到你,光之工作者宣称你在宇宙中的应有地位 ... 使用你的礼物帮助人类提升出绝望的深渊,提升他们,进入爱的天堂!我们等不及面纱被完全升起,这样你可以看到,就像我们一样,你带给了盖亚,所有人,多少的光和爱 ... 这是一个美丽的景象!


Each of you has within you, a path which excites you…a course of actions which inspire, enthuse, and thrill you…and we see that you are truly beginning to hear and see, these authentic paths, yourself…for you to follow. Our channel is experiencing that for herself also…and it brings us Joy, as much as it does for her.


你们每个人之内有着一条令你兴奋的道路 ... 一个启发你,让你狂热,让你激动的行动历程 ... 我们看到你真正地开始听到和看到,这些真实的道路,并去跟随。我们的管道正在体验这些 ... 这带给了我们喜悦,就像带给了她大量的喜悦。


We could go on and on and on (a small nod to “Jared”!)…about how inspiring the actions of you Lightworkers has been, and continues to be, for us. Yes, we are in the higher dimensions and do not have to address such challenging obstacles such as you do, and that is all the more reason why we are even more awestruck by your continuous compassionate actions toward your fellow man, and woman…you never cease to amaze us, and to earn our admiration.


我们可以继续下去(对“ Jared” 一个小点头) ... 关于你光之工作者的行为多么地启发人,会继续如此,对于我们来说。是的,我们在更高维度,不需要处理这样具有挑战性的障碍,所以我们更加敬畏你持续不断的富有同情心的行为,对你的同胞人类 ... 你从未停止讓我们惊讶,获得我们的敬佩。


Well…we will end this particular message now, as we promised this channel, to keep them short and sweet! We send each of you, all of our Unconditional Love, and our offers of assistance and encouragement, any time you need it…just call on the Light Brigade, and we will be there! With much Love and Light…until next time. Your Light Brigade Collective.


我们要结束这则信息了,正如我们向这位管道承诺的,保持它们简短,甜蜜!我们送给你们每个人,无条件的爱,协助和鼓励,在任何你需要的时刻 ... 只需呼唤光之编队,我们就在这里!伴随着大量的爱与光 ... 直到下次。你的光之编队集合体


光之编队集合体 20180225 改变正在发生


翻译:Nick Chan


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