Mother Gaia viaGalaxygirl, December 13th, 2017

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Dearchildren it is I, your Mother Gaia. I love you. Through the winds of time wehave sojourned together through a myriad of challenging and also exhilaratingexperiences together, have we not? Have I not always been there for you, as Iam now as well, in this beautiful moment of peace and unity. Unityconsciousness of humankind is rapidly evolving as an exciting pace is it not?Can you feel it? See it? I sense the turmoil; the fires in California, thepolitical turmoil… please know that all will be alright for all is unfolding aswe ascend together as one.





Iencourage you with this today dear children, for I too feel your fatigue. Restand joy and prosperity is in your – our – near future together. It is here Nowas you claim it and anchor it in this current timeline to be so. You are theanchors, the way showers, the light bearers, the hope keepers. And I know thatmy hope has been placed well in you, mighty ones, for you are keeping yourpromises to me. I feel it every time you are kind and every time you make acompassionate choice from your heart space. That energy of love and compassionfurthers the collective towards unity consciousness and of course furthers usall along our own ascension pathways together.





Talk tothe rocks and minerals. The fairies are eager to reconnect with you as well. Weare all in this together. One action causes a ripple effect. Please make sureyour ripples are energetically ones you will be proud of, for they always meetup with you later, in the most unexpected ways sometimes.





Send loveto California. Send hope to those who are suffering. For hope is here. Hope isyou. Open your hands now and serve each other for in this you will find yourhealing that you seek and long for. Send healing to the nature kingdoms, theoceans of life that have been so maligned from their original state of purityand perfection. Send healing deep into me, into my crystal core network whichconnects us all intricately in intimate ways. It is my neural network,therefore you too are of course connected to this. Ask the Fire Salamanders tolight your way. For we are going home.





I loveyou. I cry tears of unending joy and happiness at what we have been throughtogether and are creating in this now. My smiles will have tears of joy accompanyingfrom now on, as will yours. For you will remember these stories of triumph anddiscovery of self, of your magnificent selves and your rememberings and yourjourneys and you will remember that which was, and that which will be – and youtoo will cry tears of happiness and joy! Open your hands and serve each other.


我爱你。我为我们所一起经历的和正在创造的无止境的喜悦和幸福而哭泣。从现在起,我的微笑将伴随喜悦的泪水,如你一样。因为你会忆起这些胜利和发现自我 --- 你的高我的故事,那将是你的回忆,你的旅程,你会铭记——你也会为幸福和快乐喜极而泣!伸出你的手,服务于彼此。



I am yourdear Mother Gaia. I rock you and I hold you close to my beating heart as itbeats in tune with your own. Listen for my heartbeat. It will comfort you asyou rest. Be at peace now. I love you and I hold you close.




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