原创 2017-11-12 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

LORD SANANDAvia Jenny Schiltz, November 11th, 2017







I amconnecting to discuss the energetic portal you are entering. The 11:11 gatewayis an opportunity for you to move forward on your path and leave behind aspectsthat are not in resonance with your soul. It is an opportunity for you toaccess more of your divine blue print and to bring it to fruition on earth.Each of you will go through this gateway, but how this gateway affects you willbe determined by how much you are able to clear from your field prior toentering the portal. That which you have not cleared will remain and you willthen continue to work on changing your beliefs, expectations, and definitions.It is these that have created much resistance in your form. Do not becomefearful that you will miss out or that you have done something wrong, all istaking place exactly how it should be for your soul’s greatest growth.


我正在与你们连接,讨论你们正在进入的充满活力的门户。 11:11 的大门对你来说是一个机会,让你在你的道路上继续向前,把与你的灵魂没有共鸣的方面丢弃掉。这是你的一个机会,你可以获得更多的你的神圣蓝图,并让它在地球上结出硕果。每个人都将通过这个门户,但是这个门户如何影响你,将取决于你在进入门户之前你的能量场清理的程度。你还没有清理的那部分将继续存在,你将继续努力,改变你的信仰、愿望和认知。正是这些使你的身体产生了很大的阻力。不要担心你会错过,或者你做错了什么,所有的一切都恰当地发生在你灵魂最伟大的成长的过程中。



With this deep phase of clearing you are being shown whereyou are resistant. That which no longer serves is becoming more obvious and youare being asked to choose what is in your highest good and for your greatestsoul growth at all times. In order to do this some of you are being asked torewrite your beliefs and expectations. You are being asked to look at all ofyour fears and move beyond them. Many of you are experiencing scenarios in yourwaking and dream worlds that are designed to show you what needs changing andwhat needs to be left behind. These are opportunities for you to heal what isnot in alignment within yourself. You are being asked to leave behind theconstraints of life in the 3rd Dimension, the limiting beliefs and practicesand walk fully in the power of your soul.




In orderto do this we ask that you consciously step into the new. You must understandthat it is you who brings forth into the new that which has caused you tosuffer previously. In any moment you can declare that you no longer need tofeel the way that you do, to see the growth you have achieved and withgratitude, move forward. Each moment is a new opportunity to choose how youwill react to and perceive all around you. Choosing different allows for oldprogramming to be rewritten and for you to step more into your power. Seeingthings with a new perspective allows for you to move forward, no longerentangled. Know that much help is being given at this time to help you throughthe energetic and physical changes taking place at this time. It is you who mustalso move your thinking forward, and it is you who must be in charge of yourmanifestation. You are all masters, remembering who you are. Now is the time toleave behind all that no longer serves nor defines you. Now is the time to stepconsciously forward and claim your right.




Open yourheart in all things as it will lead your way.








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