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Dear Ones, what if you consciously released the fear of success, and the fear of failure, and decided instead to create for yourselves the exact experiences you wish to have that would unfold perfectly for your comfort and satisfaction? So many of you are so focused on what could go wrong, that you forget to choose what can go right.




Trust in your own divine capability to create and the universe’s desire to serve and delight you. Flow. Give feedback through your gratitude. Sort the energies by your focus, understanding that where you place your attention is what you are offering your energetic blessing of continuation to.




Replace the fear-based, constricting question, “What could go wrong?” with the potential-filled expanding question, “What could go right?” Know without a doubt that you are all more than ready, with your deep sensitivities and tender hearts, to create beautifully, mindfully, and purposefully. ~Archangel Gabriel





翻译:Nick Chan


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