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So much is happening so fast now that the August Solar Eclipse may seem like last year. The remake of our world is getting messier by the day. For most sensitives living through this evolutionary earthquake, there can be a sense of overwhelm and insecurity about what it all means and what happens next. Indeed, the August 21 Great American Eclipse amplified existing destabilization in the US and elsewhere. Continue reading for context of whats unfolding and some simple remedies for overwhelm.








Its not your imagination that our world has gotten crazier this year. The level of polarity, tribalism, and distrust existing in society is palpable. As Ive written about recently, much of this is very old, but the energies of these times are helping to bring ancient wounded conditioning out of the shadows.




This isnt the usual coming out party either. Thats because humanity on the whole has advanced spiritually in recent decades allowing a bigger and more prolonged spotlight on the dysfunctional stuff in the dark basement of things that no one wanted to see. Weve had spotlights in centuries past, too, but now we have a critical mass of people awakening.




To be sure, its up to us how we respond. As divine changemakers, we are at the helm of the changes, consciously aware of the significance of these moments on Earth. We are here now purposefully to help create healing solutions. Weve had lifetimes of experiences that helped prepare us to be here now. Trust this when you think you have no answers or when you simply doubt that you can go on.




A Reason for Overwhelm




With all thats going on, its understandable that you would at times feel on edge. Feelings of overwhelm are common, too.




Consider, however, that one reason for overwhelm isnt just what is happening, but how you learn about and process whats happening.




Its only in recent decades that we had 24/7 instant global news with visuals, with billions of people following tragic events in the moments that they occurred.




Because of the Internet and immediate streaming of news, not only is there no delay hearing and seeing what happened, but theres the repetitive effect of seeing bits and pieces of the same news so many times that the bodys nervous system can go into overload.




I mention this here, as many times people are not conscious to this effect. Heres another thing that can add to a feeling of overwhelm being on social media for extended periods of time after a disaster, reading friends comments in the news feed. Im not suggesting that you avoid social media or the Internet simply become aware of how you ingest information and potential impacts so that you can remedy as noted below.




5 Tips for Overwhelm




FIRST, when theres a disaster in the news or youre having your own personal crisis, strive to be present and remember to breathe. Being present means being aware of what you are saying and doing, and for how long. The energy fall-out from one hour ingesting tragic news or focusing on a personal crisis is compounded when you do that same thing for several hours. Tune into yourself to know when to take an energy break.




SECOND, regardless of what you are learning about a disaster or your own situation, become practiced in questioning things and asking for a higher view. Quite often, pieces of information are missing or perhaps presented in a way that you may not fully understand. Dont assume that you have all of the information.




THIRD, as I wrote about this week on Instagram, Use your light, not hate, to counter evil. The light prevails.




FOURTH, remember that in troubling times, the light is always there. When you connect with spirit and your inner being, you have a boundless resource to face what comes and to prevail against all odds.




FIFTH, know that goodness is at the core of all beings, including those who harm others. Be a champion for goodness, striving to see it in the world even on dark days. Live your life as an example to others of how to be loving and kind.





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