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SheldanNidle 20171010更新《巨大的意识能量正在接近其显化的最后阶段》


12 Etznab, 16 Trotz, 1 Ik



Selamat Balik! Much is stilltaking shape behind the scenes. Those in charge of the monies still seem quitehesitant to part with such huge sums. This concurrent aspect of reality is nowbeing pushed aside by the Light. The various trouble spots are simplyindications of why much of this degree of chaos is occurring. It is Heaven'sprime intention to quickly release the prosperity funds and finally allow thetrue NESARA Republic to flourish. At that time, the dark is to be fullydefeated!


Selamat Balik! 天狼星语,衷心欢迎。许多事情仍然在幕后成形中。那些负责金钱的人们似乎仍对舍弃掉如此巨大数量的金钱感到犹豫。这个现实的这个面向正被光的力量推向一边。各种各样的动荡地区只是表明为什么在发生着许多这种程度的混乱。快速释放繁荣并最终允许NESARA共和国繁荣发展,这是天堂的主要意图。到那时,黑暗会被完全击败。


   The present funding delays are, in reality,a type of giant procedural gaffe. The RV money is to float for a time, then wefully expect to see a number of joyful events. Our new policy is simply toaccept and flow with the current situation. Nevertheless, in spite of manyobstacles, a new era is at hand. So remain patient and know that this specialevent is near!




   The major remaining issue is the need tocarry out well-formulated events that have been set in motion from long ago. Beready to recognize a new and very profound shorthand that is to move humanityand Gaia into a prosperous New Age. This time is also earmarked to see thelong-awaited RV. It is the Love of this broad over-gifting that is presentlyconcerning the universe. Bounteous prosperity funding is to be only the start.




   In this extraordinary Light, be ready fortruly profound changes. Open yourselves to embrace a new reality that is toalter you forever!! Although it has taken much too long to manifest, know, fromthe joy in your heart, that this well-intentioned reality is destined tohappen. In it lies global compliance with new, peaceful and sovereigngovernance. This is to be the key to peace on this orb.




   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Wecome to you on this day with a message of hope and Love. Everywhere, there aredivine signs that mirror the closeness of a prosperous new reality. Hence, dearHearts, be brave and let go of your immense frustrations. Look into yourexpanding hearts and realize how mighty they have become. Know as well, dearHearts, that your most magnificent victories are quite near! Hence, take thesegrand visions and allow them to manifest now.




   Around you, there lies an immense energy ofconsciousness that is approaching its last stages of manifestation. We inspiritual realms can now globally sense how all of this is nearing its heavenlyappearance. The Divine now seeks the ways, set forth by its sacred decrees, tocreate this new realm. As hinted at in the beginning of this talk, know deep inyour heart that the Divine Spirit is busily making its way into this place andeasily dismissing all obstacles it presently encounters.




   The power of Spirit is quickly beginning tomake a difference in the way this marvelous alteration is to come about.Everywhere, the sound of the Heavenly trumpet is heard. This world must surelyrealize just how close all of this actually is! The sacred sound is nowblasting its resounding signature tune across this holy orb. The days of evilare lifting and soon the chorus of Light is to be heard throughout thislong-tortured land. It is indeed a time of miracles and divine celebration!




   As you can see, this weekly report has oncemore covered the goings-on across this beautiful blue- green planet. Many timespreviously we felt the need to shout and cheer about what is arisingeverywhere. In this Light, always remember that the never-ending and countlesssupply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for BeOne! And Be in Joy!)


就像你们可以看到那样,这周的报导已经再次涵盖了在这个美丽的蓝绿色天体上所正在发生的事情。之前许多时间里,我们感觉需要呐喊和欢呼到处所出现的事情。就此而论,请永远记得,天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)







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