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Sheldan Nidle 20171003更新《黑暗力量会被逮捕和监禁》


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Selamat Balik! Many puzzling developments are currentlymanifesting. However, events are transpiring that are expected to end thepresent prosperity fund impasse. It is extremely necessary that the currentdistributions be carried out quickly according to Heaven's wishes. A modifiedsystem has been put into effect to complete this as expediently as possible. Acomplementary strategy is now in place to enable the efficient delivery of yourprosperity packages. The amounts of these funding packages have likewiseincreased exponentially.


Selamat Balik! 天狼星语,衷心欢迎。许多令人不解的发展当前正在显化。然而,预期会终结当前繁荣资金僵局的事件正在发生。当前的分发依据天堂的愿望快速地实施,这是极其重要的。一个改进的系统已经开始实行来尽可能便利地完成这一切。一个补充的策略现在已经就位来确保你们繁荣包裹高效地交付。这些资金配套的数量已经同样地以指数方式增加了。


   The ongoing process toremove the large obstructionist banks from the current dysfunctional bankingsystem has proved to be more difficult than we originally expected. This isowing to a number of large loopholes still remaining. It is our overallintention to use a transitional procedure to resolve this unsettling situation.We feel that the coming success of this solution can lead to the final deliveryof your prosperity packages.




   We remain confidentthat you shall finally begin to receive the significant amounts of currencythat you have long been promised. In this Light, always remember that we aredetermined to forge the new NESARA/GESARA governments. It is this newgovernance that is destined to create a wondrous, sovereign and prosperous newrealm, to finally end the UFO cover-up and to bring peace to this currentlydistraught orb.




   This is destined to bethe time when those who have long run this globe are to disappear. You can thenrejoice, and in good measure complete your many infrastructure projects. Thepresent period is indeed a prime example of a time that truly "triesMen's Souls". Look instead to the immediate future and know inyour heart what is now ready to unfold. What can be truly said is that theseare the best of times, as well as the worst of times. Remember, the best is yetto come.




   Namaste! We are yourAscended Masters! We are watching everything carefully to see that all partiesare following current protocols. We have as well paid a great deal of attentionto all the shenanigans that have marked this program in the recent past. All ofthe existing pitfalls are to quickly change. A number of procedures are now inplace to prevent what has so clearly become common practice. Heaven has assuredus that this is indeed the case.




   The blessings of Heavenare surely upon thee. Those who have for so long influenced and controlled yourworld are shortly to disappear. They have continued to prevent the prosperityand global harmony required and their rebellious ranting is now destined to besilenced! You are at last to be shown the divine mercy that Heaven is trulycapable of.




   The dark ones do notfully take into account what has been recently going on around them. Theysomehow still believe that what Heaven has promised can be deftly dissolved.This is definitely not the case. Prepare, my Children, for a marvelous miracle!What you have wished for is being readied to manifest! A wondrous new realityis to be created and in this you will discover how Heaven is divinely alteringthis realm for the better. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!




   Today, we reported onwhat is now occurring across this globe. The dark ones are to be arrested andincarcerated. They are to be completely separated from you. At the same time,new governance is to bloom and a new reality filled with wealth and sovereigntyis to forever alter this realm. Never forget, dear Hearts, that the countlessand never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! SelamatJa! (Sirian for Be One! And Be In Joy!) It is time for all to come to fruition!










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