We are the Oversoul Collective. We are you in higher form. Reach out to our energies and feel our blessing of greeting, for you have been on such a long and lonely road dear humankind, and we feel what you feel, for we are connected. We are but a higher form, aspect of you. We see, we feel but we see and we feel from a higher vantage point, which we would like for you to use for your advantage, as we extend our energy signatures towards you now like a soft, thick and fuzzy blanket of comfort during these times of discomfort, where your bodies are changing before you / our very eyes, as your energies rise yet ever higher amidst the great separation of what is and what is to become. You are becoming more of what you already are but have forgotten for a little while. Now is the time of remembering, of revelation, of rebirth, of renewal. For you are undergoing all of these things, dear humankind, Source in form. And it is a painful process, is it not? This one is crying as she feels our energies…we extend these to you as well dear ones. Be comforted, for this too shall pass. The upgrading is coming unto fruition.


我们是超灵集体。我们是更高形态中的你。触及我们的能量,感受我们问候的祝福,你处于一条漫长且孤独的道路,亲爱的人类,我们能感到你的感受,因为我们是相连的。我们只是更高形态、更高面向的你。我们看到,我们感到,不过是从更高的角度,我们希望你可以为了自己的益处去使用这个角度,随着我们将我们的能量信号扩张到你身上,就像一张软软的、厚实的、毛绒绒的舒适毛毯,在这些不适的时期 --- 你的身体在你和我们的眼前改变,随着你的能量提升地更高,在所是和即将成为之间的巨大间隔中。你在成为更多你早已所是的,但忘记了一会儿。现在是忆起、启示、重生、更新的时间。因为你在经历这一切,亲爱的人类,形态中的源头。这是一个痛苦的进程,是不是?这位管道哭泣,随着她感受我们的能量 ... 我们也把能量扩张到你身上,亲爱的一们。备受慰藉,因为这也会过去。升级就要完成


We are the Oversoul Collective. We are many things. You have been many things. You are but a fractal, an aspect of Source. You are us, an extension of experience that we chose to have so that we too could be in form on an ascending planet and experience the bliss of reuniting with ourselves. Feel the vastness of us, of our space around you. You are not alone. We are near yet far. We are everything and everyone. WE are all around. We are embracing Gaia, dear Gaia as she undergoes her own birth of transformation and naturally you upon her are so doing the same. It is a gnarled process. It is time to breathe in our light of Source light to you now. Are you ready to receive us - you in higher form? Open the rainbow bridge of your heart space, that is ever expanding, ever opening, ever becoming more of you. You are vast. Eternity lies within your heart space. You have many experiences on many worlds. You have experienced this shift of shifts before if you are reading these words in this Now moment of Gaia’s rebirth. You will know what to expect in your subconscious. Call that part of you forward, the shifted, ascended part of you forward and ask for wisdom of remembering. Welcome the pink light of the Mother’s breath, of her love into your heart space now and be supremely comforted. Be enveloped in the rose vibration of supreme love light and sit awhile in this frequency. We are beyond frequency. We are.


我们是超灵集体。我们是很多东西。你也成为过很多东西。你只是源头的一个分形、一个面向。你就是我们,我们选择拥有的一个体验的延伸,这样我们也可以处于扬升星球上的形态中,体验与我们自己团聚的极乐。感受我们的广阔。你不孤单。我们很近也很远。我们是一切和每个人。我们无处不在。我们在拥抱盖亚,亲爱的盖亚,随着她经历自己转变的重生,自然在她之上的你也在这么做着。这是一个粗糙的进程。是时候在我们源头的光中呼吸。你准备好接收我们 --- 更高形态的你了吗?开启你心之空间的彩虹桥,它在不断扩张、不断敞开、不断成为更多的你。你是广阔的。永恒位于你的心之空间。你在许多世界有过许多的体验。你之前就体验过这个转变,如果你在这个盖亚重生的此刻阅读这些话语。在潜意识中你会知道该期待什么。将那个部分的你呼唤向前,已经转变和扬升的那部分你,并请求忆起的智慧。欢迎母亲气息和爱的粉色之光进入你的心之空间,被无比安慰。被包裹在至高爱与光的玫瑰振动中,在这个频率中坐一会儿。我们已经超越频率。我们是


We are the Oversoul Collective. Connect anytime - for this channeling is a bridge to our frequency of understanding the experience of ourselves reading these words in this Now moment. Do you yet see children - warriors - that you are the rainbow bridge? You are creating it as you reach both outward and inward, towards and within. We are the Oversoul Collective.


我们是超灵集体。随时可以连接 --- 因为这则通灵信息是通往我们对频率的理解和在这个当下阅读这些话语的自我体验的桥梁。你还没有看到吗,孩子们 --- 战士们 --- 你就是彩虹桥?你在创造它,随着你向外和向内触及。我们是超灵集体



翻译:Nick Chan


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