This last full moon changed everything for everyone on earth. Pluto going direct has just added to all that is about to unfold. It’s about to get crazy and it’s all going to happen really fast. Grab your popcorn and watch the show.




What happened with Kavanaugh this week is about to set off a chain of events that is the catalyst to the mass arrests beginning. We are going to first watch the Democratic party implode and then the Republican party will follow. They seem like enemies but at the top they all work together to screw the American people as much as they can. There is no honor among these people. It will be every man and woman for themselves. Watch the blame game and telling on each other begin. That is why Trump had to be elected. He is not a politician and can’t be bought, bribed, or controlled. You have to be a certain level of awareness for who Trump really is to be revealed to you. He is very important to our mission. I told people 25 years ago he would be president one day and they all thought I was crazy. I am not so crazy now. All will be revealed to everyone soon Pluto going direct ensured this.


本周卡瓦诺( Kavanaugh )的事件就要点燃一连串的事件(复数),这会是大规模逮捕启动的催化剂。我们首先会看到民主党的内爆,然后共和党会跟随。他们看起来像是敌人,但在顶层,他们一起共事尽可能地玩弄美国人民。这些人根本没有荣誉可言。他们都是自私自利的。请看责备和告发彼此的表演开始。所以川普必须当选。他不是一个政客,无法被收买、贿赂或控制。你必须拥有一定程度的意识来看到川普真正的所是。他对我们的使命来说非常重要。 25 年前我告诉人们他有一天会成为总统,他们都认为我发神经。现在不认为我发神经了吧。很快一切都会向每个人揭示,冥王星的笔直运行会确保这一点


The event is not a wave. The waves got us there but when it happens, it will be one big flash of light that hits the entire earth at once. My guides told me this was very important to let you know, for 2 days they kept emphasizing this to me. They kept interrupting me saying “A Big Flash Of Light Is Coming” and they want you to know this.


事件不是一股波浪。波浪带我们到那,但当它发生,它会是一个巨大的闪光轰击地球。我的指导告诉我让你们知道这些非常重要,因为 2 天以来他们不断地强调这一点。他们不断地打断我说“一个巨大的闪光就要到来”,他们想要你们都知道


I know this weekend was rough for everyone, the energy was off the charts. Saturday night I began to feel it in the back of my neck, then my entire body. I first started to feel the headache, then the body aches followed and of course a new batch of hives. The hives drive me crazy. Eventually my back of my head and spine were full of energy and pressure. I am getting no sleep up and down and my whole body sweating. Sweat will drip off even my legs. I didn’t even think there were sweat glands there. I know the sweating indicates I am doing a massive amount of astral traveling in my sleep. This energy is also activating your DNA. This this energy also sent the masses in the 4th dimension into kundalini. Most of my coworkers are in kundalini now and they have no idea what is happening to them. The chaos is about to begin and we are needed badly. Lightworkers may have noticed that they are seeing the numbers 911 constantly, 911 is the call to lightworkers that our real mission is about to begin. You may also have noticed seeing a lot of 1’s, 4’s, and 7’s. These are not just synchronicities these numbers are activating your DNA and getting you ready to step fully into your mission. What is about to happen will make what we have already been through seem like cakewalk. It is about to get real serious real fast.


我知道这个周末对每个人来说是艰苦的,能量已经破了记录。星期六晚上我开始在后颈部感到能量,然后就是整个身体。首先我开始感到头痛,然后身体的疼痛,当然还有一批新的荨麻疹。荨麻疹让我抓狂。最终我的后脑勺和脊椎都充满了能量与压力。前前后后我都睡不着觉,我的整个身体都在出汗。汗水甚至从我的腿部渗出。我都不知道那里还有汗腺。我知道出汗标志着在我睡眠期间我进行了大量的星体旅行。这个能量也在激活你的 DNA 。这个能量还把处于四维的群众发送到昆达里尼中。我的大多数同事正处于昆达里尼中,他们完全不知道他们身上正在发生什么。混乱就要开始,我们被迫切需要。光之工作者可能注意到了他们经常看到 911 这个数字, 911 是在呼唤光之工作者,我们真正的使命就要开始。你可能还会看到大量的 1 4 7 。这些不只是同时性,这些数字在激活你的 DNA ,让你准备好完全步入你的使命。就要发生的会让我们已经经历的看起来像是小儿科。一切就要开始真正地认真起来,真正地快速起来


Many lightworkers were recently relocated and positioned. This was to get us into a safer place before the collapse begins. It is all about to collapse. When Metatron showed me, he took me way above the earth. We both looked down and he pointed for me to watch. At first a couple small boulders tumbled to the earth. Then a few more and then a massive rock slide just overtook the whole earth and it showed me everything crumbling and collapsing. This was our systems and structures collapsing not the actually earth being destroyed. It is all about to happen really fast and it will be amazing to see.




One very important thing has happened. Since the full moon a week ago. I have not had to remove any negative energy, balance a chakra, or ground myself. I stay grounded and balanced all the time. As other lightworkers know this is amazing and gives hope to all of us, that the attacks for us are coming to an end. Transmuting negative energy and keeping myself grounded and balanced was an all day everyday process. At least 2 or 3 times a day for the last 4 years I have had to remove energy, ground, and balance myself. It seems like this is over now. We are getting our protection, and we earned it. The blood, sweat and tears has finally paid off. If it happened to me, it will happen to you. We are receiving our seals of protection and nothing will be able to touch us now. They are going to turn their attention the those in the 4th dimension now, as they failed to stop us. We did it lightworkers and starseeds! We won!!!


一件非常重要的事情已经发生。从一周前的满月起。我不需要移除任何负面的能量、平衡脉轮或稳固自己。我时刻都能保持稳固与平衡。就像其他光之工作者知道这是惊人的,给予了我们所有人希望,对我们的攻击就要完结。转化负面的能量,保持稳固和平衡是一个日常的进程。每天至少 2-3 次,连续 4 年,我在移除能量、稳固和平衡自己。看似这已经结束。我们在得到我们的保护,这是我们应得的。鲜血、汗水和眼泪终于得到回报。如果这发生在我身上,它也会发生在你身上。我们在接收我们的保护圈,没什么可以再触及我们。它们会将注意力转移到处于四维的人,因为它们没能阻止我们。我们做到了,光之工作者,星际种子!我们胜利了!


I can’t tell you everything I know yet it is not safe but it will be soon. Hold on this will be very very fast. Never ever worry we are protected all the time. It is absolutely amazing that we get to be alive to see 2000 year old prophecies come true. The Hopi Indians call us The Rainbow Warriors. In The Quran we are called the Selected. In Christianity we are the 144,000. We are the Lightworkers that have come to save the world and we are doing it!! Mission accomplished! Game on!


我还无法告诉你我所知的一切,这并不安全,但很快了。抓紧了,一切将会非常非常地迅速。永远不要担心,我们时刻被保护着。这绝对是惊人的,我们可以见证 2000 多年古老预言的成真。霍皮人、印第安人称我们为彩虹战士。在可兰经中,我们被称为天选之人。在基督教,我们就是 144 000 。我们是光之工作者,前来拯救世界,我们正在做着!任务完成!游戏开始!


Love and Light Brothers and Sisters,




Dawn Bailey


翻译:Nick Chan


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