原创 2017-09-19 波塞冬 新纪元扬升之光

Poseidon viaAnn Dahlberg, September 15th, 2017




I am Poseidon. Some call me the God of theOceans, and that is probably true. I have responsibility for the oceans and alltheir domains. The Ocean can be likened to the Universe with all its live anddiversity, just as your bodies. You are all a part of this. You have all theelements in you and so does the ocean too. If you destroy an element youdestroy yourselves. If you do not have clean air to brief yourlungs are not doing well and not the rest of your body either. If there are toomuch toxins in your food you become sick and ill. The same is true for theocean and its riches of plants and animals. The oceans need to be protectedfrom more destruction. The oceans have been hit with many toxins and chemicalsand this affects also you and your bodies. The worst is however the differentexplosions that are carried out here and there in the oceans. They affect theanimals and nature very hard and it makes me very sad to see all of this agonyafter such an explosion. Thanks to the light that now has come and becomestrengthened on Earth I now hope that humanity will wake up and start to takecare of themselves and the nature they belong to.




Earth was a long time ago a very beautiful place to live on whereeverybody took care of and cared for each other. I can see signs that we are onour way to raise ourselves to this loving level again and it makes me deeplygrateful. We cannot allow ourselves to continue in this manner any longer.Earth had to save itself and raise its frequency a bit and in this wayinfluence everything on Earth to raise its frequency in order to be in balancewith her. Much darkness has in this manner surfaced. This is darkness that hasbeen released in order to leave Earth. This can be done in two different ways.Either it leaves Earth or it is being transformed to Light. I have seendarkness that has left Earth and I have seen darkness that has beenretransformed to Light. All is well. Everything is on the right track. There ishope and expectations within all elements today. We are moving towards abrighter time and I can see animals in the sea that are being saved. I can seepeople that protect the animals and want to preserve the diversity there. I cansee people who remove toxins and pollution and who try to improve the qualityof the water. This is good and it warms my heart. However, a much larger effortis needed in order to clean the oceans today. Many more hands and a much biggerunderstanding from the whole of humanity is needed. I can see that you are onyour way and that soon many big and beautiful things will happen on our Earth.There is a great expectation in the air and it has also spread in the water andon the Earth. The sun, our energy source, has sent out a message that wonderfuland beautiful times are on the way, and we receive this love in our hearts andbeings.