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I come onthe wings of love! The Earth has passed through many significant cosmic portalsand this has opened up new possibilities for the human life waves to moveforward on their personal journey in relative peace and harmony. To help anchorthese higher energies into the crystalline core of the Earth, we have impressedthe Scribe with a selection of decrees that we ask those of you who feel thecall, to work with these each day, at least until the new year begins. It isvery important now that a new Earth template is available, to imprint this newtemplate with the most sacred vision and purpose – which is to awaken eachperson to their highest potential as individual Holy Sparks of the Divine – tobring about a wholeness within and a unification with All That Is. Click here.



If enough of you, the powerful and diligent ones, can answer andheed this call from the spiritual realms of Light, it will bring a greaterstability to the planet as it continues the transformation process. As theplanet Earth transforms through the changes that occur – so too, does humanityand all the inhabitants upon her. Each sentient being is embodying more Lightand luminosity within their new operating systems. All on the planet arebecoming more radiant in their various forms and as this process continues, theold system and its ways will fade from the collective unified field ofconsciousness. There will come about many new solutions to the situations thatneed changing in the new reality.



A realignment and recalibration is taking place within eachperson. We ask you to heed the impulses of your physical vehicle and follow itsguidance. Let go of outer distractions as your body requires – for there isgreater need for the restorative powers of the sleep process. You will find iteasier to assimilate and integrate the new energies. Do not be concerned toomuch with the appearance of your physical vehicle during these times as therecalibrations take place, for these take a temporary toll on the new humanoperating system. One can notice the appearance of aging of thehuman body during the transformation process. This will continue until everycell and particle of each physical body shines with greater Light.



During the current purification process, do not lose sight of thehighest outcomes you intend for yourself, your loved ones and the world aroundyou. Make up affirmations for yourself that have great meaning to you andrepeat these daily to manifest these outcomes into your reality. As each of youdoes this, it grounds that reality into the New Earth. You are the ones whomust make this a daily act and intention – do not rely on anyone or anythingelse to do it for you! As you make this a daily part of your life, you willtake back your personal power and sovereignty and eventually, you will discernthis power manifesting for you in wondrous and creative ways.



This is your higher purpose in these times – to create the newtemplate of Earth and imprint it with your highest love, Light and intentions.Daily persistence is required from humanity to anchor these higher intentionsinto the new Earth reality. The field of consciousness in the new reality iswide open to be programmed and set with a higher standard of conduct andintention for planet-wide enlightened and harmonious living with peace for all!



You have lived, loved and lost many people and things during thecourse of your lifetime and because of this, you carry the necessary compassionand empathy within you. You can make a difference in the lives of those whohave recently lost so much of that which they held dear. Pray for the highestand most benevolent outcomes to all who need it. Your loving prayers andintentions are very needed during these times. Your united voicesasking for this each day is vitally needed. The Divine can work powerfully uponthe planet when its Presence is requested by its inhabitants, for you are theDivine Holy Sparks of love and Light manifest upon this world.



Until nextmonth…


I AM Hilarion








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