Greetings humankind, light bearers of the land of Earth. We are your Cetacean counterparts of the sea, of Sirius B and of your own waters of your home planet. For we are one collective consciousness of Cetacean beings, just as you, Humanity, are one.


问候,人类,地球上的光之承载者。我们是天狼星 B 海域中的鲸类,也是地球水域中的鲸类。因为我们是同一个鲸类的集体意识,就像你们,人类,是一体的。


It is high time that you realize this, for this is the lynchpin in your evolution. You are all one. When you help one another you help yourself. For you are all one. When you extend healing to the suffering, you are in turn healed. But you know this, those of you who read messages such as these. Others may be surprised to hear that whales can speak and communicate. It is great arrogance to assume that we cannot. For all species communicate with their own. For all are intelligent, just in different levels of interaction with the All, for all have a different purpose or light frequency to hold. For all are energies playing out their role.




You, human, have the highly coveted God spark which is what sets you apart a bit, but greatly heightens your role as guardian and protector of the realms. This job has been misused and undone by the dark ones. It is high time to change this. To protect those without a voice that you can hear, to protect the kingdoms, the animals, and the Cetacean beings of your planet who have been largely holding the light for so long. We will not discuss their abuses over the centuries for that is the old energy, the old way.


你,人类,有着被高度垂涎的神之火花,所以你如此与众不同,但极大地提高了你作为领域守护者和保护者的角色。这份工作被黑暗存有滥用,没有执行。这是吉祥的时刻去改变它。保护那些没有声音可以被听到的存在,保护王国,动物,鲸类 --- 很长时间很大程度上保持着光的。我们不会讨论他们几个世纪以来的胡作非为,因为那是旧能量,旧方式


It is time for you, humankind, to create anew. To protect anew. To live anew as the protectors with the awakened God spark within, shining brightly for all to see. For we are all one. Truly see this, and it will change everything for you. Separation is merely an illusion; it played its part for lessons learned. Now it is time to heal from these lessons and to begin again. Restored and awakened human, it is time to restore your beautiful Gaia!




Picture the deepest ocean and dive into it with us. Breathe in the dark cool waters that surround and support you. Feel the calm surrounding your form, your whale form, for many of you have these as well. All is quiet, and you can hear the heartbeat of the Mother as it beats in rhythm with your own. Open it up. Expand your heart and allow the Mother life force to pulse all over you- all around you – all within you. And suddenly you are all light, and you are all one, and all nothing, at the same instant. That is connection.


想象深海,和我们一起潜入。吸入包围你,支持你的黑暗,寒冷的水。感受包围你形态的平静,你鲸鱼的形态,因为你们许多人也有这些形态。一切都是那么平静,你可以听到母亲的心跳,随着它伴随着你心的韵律一起跳动。开启它。扩张你的心,让母亲的生命力脉冲向你 --- 你的周围 --- 你之内。突然间你们都是光,你们都是一,同时又什么都不是。这就是连接


This meditation may be helpful for you with all of the high energies that are dancing on your realm and penetrating misconceptions. It can be dizzying. Find the calm within it. Find the oneness of the deep within it. The deep embrace of the Mother is all around, here in the deep waters of no time. After you have connected and feel refreshed, come back up to the surface with us, to where the light dances in the surface of the water, and shines down like prisms of fractal light. It is glorious! And now up – up – up – and breach! Ah! We fly. We feel the light of the Sun and the Mother’s heartbeat all at once. That is why we whales breach with such joy. It is such an honor to be embodied.


这个冥想可能有助于你处理在你们领域上起舞的高度能量并看穿误解。这可以是令人眼花缭乱的。感受它之中的平静。找到它深度中的合一。母亲深度的拥抱四处可见,在这个没有时间的深度水域中。在你连接并感到刷新后,和我们一起浮到表面,到达水面的光之舞蹈,像不规则棱镜一样地散射着光。这是辉煌的!现在上升 --- 上升 --- 上升 --- 破水而出!啊!我们飞翔。我们同时感受太阳的光,母亲的心跳。所以我们鲸鱼带着如此的喜悦冲破水面。这是一个备受荣誉的体现


We whales, we Cetaceans of Sirius B and of your waters, your oceans who so need your healing, send you our love, our support, ourselves, for stability and healing. All is well, all is most well. That is all. Farewell human.


我们鲸鱼,天狼星 B 和地球水域中的鲸类,非常需要你的疗愈,发送你我们的爱,支持,我们自己,为了稳定和疗愈。一切都好,一切都很好。就是这些。再会,人类


天狼星B的鲸类 20180226 一切都是一体


翻译:Nick Chan





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