Good Day to you Bright Souls on Planet Earth today. You know now that you are very Holy. You know now that you are here on this Planet to be of help. You deeply resonate with Spirit yet you are a Soul, ensconced in a Human body.


There are two parts to you. The singular, absolute, perfection of your Soul, and the body temple with the ego and the ability to physically negotiate this material realm.


Your Spirit is you forever and ever. Your Spirit is eternal and goes on to infinity. Your Spirit is a spark of God, a fragment of Holy Consciousness, of Divine Essence.


Your body is a vehicle for your Spirit to express itself, to experience Human life with its challenges, fears, disappointments and its joys, love, and passion.


So, our ego, the mental part of our mental, spiritual and etheric body complex, is here to make mistakes. That sounds like a surprising statement. But hitherto, in the third dimensional reality, Earth has not been a happy place. It was designed not to be.


The material realm, the universe, the galaxy and Planet Earth were designed for duality. Duality, meaning that both positive and negative events would occur and, therefore, positive and negative feelings would be felt.


As we have often said, we design our lives before we are incarnated here on Earth. Our Soul knows what lessons it wants to learn. So, it designs a life for us that would incorporate those lessons.


We, our Souls, come here to learn compassion. We come here to become wise, to have wisdom and discernment, to become sensitive to the feelings of others. We come here to break through the veil of forgetfulness to unity with our brethren.


We come to Earth to learn greater love by feeling its opposite. In order to do so, we have the idea that we are separate from each other. That we are individual Humans who are in competition with each other.


And with the control mechanism of words, with the magical spells and spelling that words cast upon us, we are tuned to certain behaviors that have been our familial habit for generations.


Many of us are indoctrinated into a poverty mindset, feeling a lack of abundance. The child’s poor environment shows their eyes how poor they are. The little shack they live in, the dingy surroundings show this to be their truth.


The parents words confirm this daily, hourly. Sayings such as, “I can’t afford that, what do you think I am a millionaire,” tell the child that he/she cannot have what they want. Be satisfied with the little you’ve got, don’t aspire higher.

父母的话语,每时每刻都在证实这一点。比如说“我买不起这个,你当我是百万富翁啊”,展示了孩子他 / 她不能拥有他 / 她想要的。对你所有的感到满足,不要奢求

Conversely, those born into abundance give their children the expectation of being abundant. The child sees the rich and beautiful environment around her. The child sees others in poverty but feels entitled himself.


The child may be told, “We will do whatever is needed to help you on your way. All things are possible, what do you want to be?” With such an open frame of reference, many children thrive in the knowing they are abundant.


And all that we experience, we design for ourselves. God, Source Energy, All that is, the electricity that powers the universe, that powers our Souls designed this Planet Earth experience for us.


Our Souls are as drops of water in the Ocean of God Consciousness. These drops start out by all being equal and Holy, identical fragments of Divine Essence. All and each revel in the loving beingness they are surrounded by and cradled in.


Souls in the Heavenly Realm, in Spirit form are in the bliss of union, of oneness. God wished to refine these Holy fragments of Herself, into individuated, refined personalities, with the knowledge of who and what they are.

天堂领域、精神形态中的灵魂,处于统一、合一的极乐中。神希望精炼这些神圣的碎片,在个体性中,精炼个性,伴随着它们是谁 / 是什么的知识

Life on Planet Earth does just that. In our innumerable incarnations we have been prisoner and jail guard, murderer and murdered, lovers and haters, father and son, mother and daughter, teacher and student, abuser and victim.


And, through the feeling of the positive and negative emotions about the events that happen to us, we learn wisdom and discernment. We learn that when we are not loving, not preferred feelings are felt.


When we are not loving we feel guilt and shame. When we blame, it comes back to haunt us. Similar events happen to us over and over again until we do learn our lessons of love.


It is this duality on Planet Earth, this interplay of the dark and the light, the positive and the negative, that grows our Souls understanding and increases its frequency to higher levels.


The material realm is powered by frequencies, by vibration. We Souls have experienced the lower dimensions. The first dimensional frequency is that of rocks and water, air and fire and inanimate objects.


The second dimension is that of plants, flowers, animals, the creatures that roam the earth. The third dimension is that of Humans.


Each dimension is more and more aware of its surroundings. Plants more so than rocks, animals more so than plants. The first two dimensions do not have choice.


Plants are restricted to their place in the soil. They are here to experience, the warmth of the sun, the pleasure of water, the gentle blowing of the breeze against their leaves and petals. The flow of nutrients, through their system.


Animals have freedom of movement. They have rudimentary feelings. They nurture their young, they procreate and take joy in daily life.


Yet they do not have freedom of choice. They are purely reactive to their environment.


Humans, in the third dimensional frequency do have freedom of choice. We have the animal instincts, the animalistic body. We have animal desires. We become reactive, as animals are by our entrainment.


Yet, with experience, we can choose between the negative and the positive. We can choose fear or love. In fact, our whole reason for being here is that with enough painful experience, we choose love.


We realize that we no longer want to be in enmity and separation from our brethren. Over time and through the great pain, unhappiness and loneliness, that our indoctrinated selfish behavior creates, we drop that behavior and turn to love.


In so doing, we move beyond the duality of the third dimensional reality. We leave our egos behind. Our ego is basically our Human victim story.


Our ego consists of those thoughts, ideas and beliefs that our parents impress upon us. These are the stories that we are keen to share with each other.


As third dimensional Humans we are our stories. Yet our thoughts and ideas about who and what we are are not even our own. So, the child born into poverty, is taught poverty by its parents and caretakers who have owned poverty as a part of their experience.


The child born into affluence is taught affluence as a natural entitlement, by parents who have owned affluence for themselves.


We are each entrained into our familial and societal culture.


Culture shock is experienced when we encounter other cultures and their different ways of thinking and being. Not one or the other is right, they are all tools for us to grow out of, to grow beyond.

文化冲击,会在我们遭遇其他文化,和不同的思考 / 存在方式的时候,被体验。没有一个是正确的,它们都是工具让我们去成长,超越

We are here to learn greater love by contrasting experience. We are here to grow out of our familial indoctrination and beyond our limiting beliefs.


We are here to become aware of the big picture of the Planet Earth life. To see clearly, with the fog of entrainment removed, the truth that we are all Souls, in Human bodies, living through events that teach us to choose love.


All Human experience is valid and to be respected. Everybody is exactly where they need to be on the road to enlightenment, on the road to being released from their Human entrainment. For they will then have learnt all they need to learn, about the negative and moved to positivity, enthusiasm, love and joy.


The third dimension is a heavy load to carry, for here we are weighed down by negative entrainments, that we are to learn to release. The false teaching, the negative thoughts and ideas we have about each other have to be overcome.


The truth does set us free. When we realize the truth of our Human life, that we are all equal Souls in Human form learning greater love, we are freed from our harsh and heavy chains.


We are peaceful, calm and happy for we know all is well. Everyone is exactly where they need to be, doing exactly what they need to do. There are no accidents.


Now we can look at life from a whole new view point. Realizing that everyone we see is a perfect Soul. They may be in the midst of not preferred experiences, they may be behaving in a dysfunctional manner, but we realize that this is the curriculum they designed for themselves.


And, as we step into that upper room, we move out of the third dimension of duality, onwards and upwards into the fifth dimension where love reigns supreme.


We drop our painful entrainment and we see the big picture of Human life and experience with gratitude. We have graduated from the Planet Earth Schoolroom. And it is now our job to help our Brethren still immersed in their Human program.


What a wonderful plan the Divine, God has for us. With the Planet Earth experience he is forming us into Gods like unto himself. In the fifth dimension love is paramount.


We are still in our Human bodies and so able to express ourselves physically. But, being released from Human fears and selfish desires, we are free to follow our joy, our passion that which we love to do and so be in alignment with our Soul’s desire.



翻译:Nick Chan







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