(Janisel's Note: I am posting this entire lesson in the manner it came through in the channeling. You will notice that there are statements and questions which I asked Ashtar during this channeling that Debbie and I feel are imperative to be included in this lesson, due to the fact that, for some of you, these same questions may arise. My questions/comments are shown as "Rosie". My command name is Shar-na-Rohs... and Ashtar calls me Rosie.)



ASHTAR: 'Awakening' is nothing more than a human term for 'allowing'. Allowing is what you are willing to accept into your life at any point. This is a button that we wish to push. As you begin to allow, these buttons will no longer matter. So, what we are going to do is "push" intentional buttons, because this will speed up and further enhance the awakening process. When you "allow" certain information to come into your Being, during the awakening process, it puts the awakening process into stages. So we will have levels of acceptance, levels of allowing. This is what this class is meant to be for. Allowing information to come into your Being at any given point in time, is allowing yourself to "extend" what you previously knew, to encompass what you did not know before. A lot of information has been handed out lately about whom you shall accept information from. So, we shall make this the subject of our first lesson.



How do you determine who is bringing forth the best information? Of the Highest vibration? Or if there are any out there of the Highest vibration at all? So, we shall go back to standards set thousands of years ago. "What do you feel in your Heart?" This is a question that most, now, cannot even comprehend... that their Heart even "feels", that their Heart can give them answers. We are asking that these that wish to allow these lessons into their Heart first learn how to listen to their Heart. Here are exercises on how to learn how to accept Truth. Learn the "Ring of Truth," learn to "feel" Truth that your Heart tells you is Truth. This is easy. You look as if it is hard.



ROSIE: No, I was just thinking that it is like the same thing as discernment

ROSIE: 不,我只是在想这好像跟洞察力是一回事。


ASHTAR: Of course it is the same, just a different name. So… exercises. Here is a list of questions for those Beings that are "allowing" this awakening to take place in their life, to ask of themselves, to find their own Ring of Truth.




How do YOU, honestly, judge yourself?

This is a very intricate question. We are told, are we not, to stay out of judgment? So, here, this Being is asking them to judge themselves? The answer, most appropriately, is through "guilt". Is it not? Or through 'joy'. Is it not? These are answers that your Heart gives to you that help you determine your Ring of Truth. However...





If you feel 'guilt' about doing something, what set of 'rules' imposed that guilt upon you?

This answer could be in many parts. There is 'societal' guilt, structures that your society has put upon you. There is 'religious' guilt, guilt that your religion has put upon you. There is 'familial' guilt, structures that your family itself has put upon you. So, now we stop, and we listen.





Who set 'their' standards for guilt?

If you feel guilt that society says you should feel, who within society set the boundaries for that guilt? If you feel guilt that your religion has imposed upon you, who set the standards for that guilt?






Once you have decided who set the structures for the boundaries of that guilt, then who says you have to accept those boundaries? The answer to question no. 4 can only be found if you 'allow' yourself to really look inside your Heart to find that answer.




If your Heart tells you something other than 'guilt,' and I use guilt as the guide because it is usually the biggest judge that people have, then let's look for one that LEAST shows up: 'Acceptance.' You can now ask yourself these questions concerning acceptance. This will help you find your Ring of Truth, because when a Being can accept their every action, whether it be deemed good or bad, through the society, through the religion, through family, is that not 'allowing' on a Higher Level?




If a person, for example, got drunk, drove a car, and killed someone, would not this person hold guilt? Some would say, 'We hope so!' However, could it be that they were "allowed" to help that person fulfill their contract on the Highest Level, by putting them in circumstances that would push them beyond their boundaries to allow themselves to be used in that circumstance? This is "allowing". And there are times and circumstances that things are manipulated from Above, to "allow" just those right things to happen. Let's push it a little bit more. Let's say a child is beaten severely, and this child hates that person that beat them, and hates them beyond imagining, because this one inflicts pain on them on a level that demeans them to not only themselves but, they feel, to everyone else. And then the one that wields the whip dies. No matter the circumstances. That child, in total and complete innocence, feels guilt due to the fact that they may have wished that person dead. Is that child not recognizing their own power... to feel that they have emotions SO powerful they could accomplish the death of another? So it's not "abolishing" the guilt that we're looking for, but "manipulating" the guilt into something as one would see as a mirror... their true recognition of "Who" they really are. Confusing?



ROSIE: Does that alleviate guilt?



ASHTAR: The "boundaries" of guilt. I'm not saying go out in your vehicle drinking and kill people with your car... or wish everyone dead that has ever done you wrong. That is not the point of this at all. The point of this entire scenario is to allow yourselves to see the mirror that you are to yourself by the structures that have been imposed on you, willingly or not. Because if you take an adult that has been drinking and that kills someone in their car, and you take a child… in all innocence, that has seen very little of the world, it is assuming the same guilt. There is a connection between those two. The connections have nothing at all to do with the structures that society has placed upon them. The connection has to do with the structures that each of those have "allowed" in their life. So this child, which sees good and evil, and identifies the evil one as the one who wielded the whip, sees a mirror of their own pain... making the pain the evil, which then in turn, turns that person wielding the whip into evil personified.Now then... let's take the person that drove the car that killed this person. They feel guilt because they killed a person. What if that person was the most evil person on the face of this planet? Would they feel better?



ROSIE: Some might use it as "justification".

ROSIE: 有人会以此作为辩护。


ASHTAR: Put yourself in that circumstance. If you were the tool of someone else's demise, with the guilt that you felt from being drunk and driving a car, would that guilt be overridden by whether that person was good or evil?



ROSIE: No, it's still a life.ROSIE:



ASHTAR: It's still a life. And life is to be held precious. All we're teaching here is "allowing". If this is something that happened... it HAD to happen.



ROSIE: Are there NO accidents, then? ROSIE:



ASHTAR: Certainly there are "accidents"... but not as far as death is concerned. I would see that, as far as accidental death is concerned (in your mind), as being a glitch in the Divine Blueprint, the Prime Directive. I guess, in a rare circumstance, it could take place maybe, in one in 300 trillion Beings. There are no accidents concerning life and death. For one... there is no death... just the passing through the doorway, but that HAS to happen when it is time.



ROSIE: I was asked today if a person can ascend before their contract is up.



ASHTAR: There is not one Being on the face of this planet, at this time, that KNOWS the circumstances of their exact contract. Therefore, when they ascend, it is AWAYS at the perfect time. In order to ascend, you have to reach a goal. That goal can happen in a course of 10 million steps, or that goal can happen in 1 step. YOU are the only one who can determine how many steps you have to take to achieve it. So as far as ascension is concerned, that is YOUR choice. We hope, we pray, we do everything we are allowed to do, to help you make it in as few steps as possible, but you have that choice to make it as hard as you need it to be. Now, please take note that I did not say "as EASY as it IS"... just as HARD as you NEED it to be. As soon as it happens, it is the perfect time.




ROSIE: So it doesn't really have anything to do with whether your contract is finished or not.

ROSIE: 所以不需要对契约是否结束做任何是吗?


ASHTAR: The contract, ultimately, is for your ascension, is it not? Let's say, in your contract, that you set down before you walked into this lifetime, that you were going to help a million other Beings in their ascension process. Yes? You can do it one Being at a time over the internet, or you can do it in groups of 10 or 20 in classroom situations, or... let's see... maybe you could go to... hmm... the Super Bowl, where millions are watching on TV... and ascend… for millions to see.



ROSIE: Well I have never, consciously, in 3D, seen a contract....

ROSIE: 我从来没有自觉地在3维次看到契约。


ASHTAR: No one has.



ROSIE: ... so I don't know what all is in it... what you're supposed to be. I don't know if it contains the time. How could it contain the "time" you are supposed to ascend?



ASHTAR: It doesn't. There is no "time" where the contract is "kept". So where the contract is "kept"... because it is kept very "safe"... is a place where there is no time, there is no age, and there is no dimension. It is not a piece of paper with signatures on it. It is in the beating of the Heart of the Creator. That is your contract. Terms of service may be another thing, however. For YOUR term of service, and HER term of service (Therese), and HER term of service (Dolly, Janisel's Light Puppy), and THIS one's term of service (Deb), all those others out there combined, THAT is what we call the Prime Directive. You have heard of this, yes? So... you have agreed to come here, to help others who have agreed to come here, to help even others who have agreed to come here. In essence, there is not one Being on this planet that has not agreed to come here. No one was dragged forcibly into this day and time and dimension and Being. It was all fine-tuned before any of you ever got here, as far as what YOU were agreeing your terms of service to be. There are some things that happen due to free-will choices that, we shall say, need to be renegotiated at times, yes? So, when they are renegotiated, the Prime Directive adapts itself. It is "felt". We do not necessarily have to come and tap you on the shoulder and say "Janisel has decided that she's going to extend her contract for another 3 years, so this means YOU have to extend YOUR contract for another 10 years". It does not work that way. How shall I explain this...? The heart that beats in your (Janisel) body is the same heart that beats in your (Therese) body. If your (Janisel) heart skips a beat, YOUR (Therese) heart skips a beat. That is what the terms of service are like. You "feel" it, because you (Janisel) are a part of what YOU (Therese) are a part of. Does this make sense? It's just YOU, right now, are not so used to "feeling" the subtleties of the True Feeling that we have. So... this is what we call "getting closer to Source". What you feel now is so barbaric to what you will feel... "shortly" (smile). Because the feeling you feel now is the difference between a child kissing you here (cheek), or your lover kissing you here (lips). One you feel is sweet, and the other you may feel to the core of your Being. Yes? That is the difference between "feelings". You feel on a much more dramatic level where you are heading. But it is so much of "WHO" you ARE. It's being with someone and KNOWING, just by being in the same area as them, knowing if they're in pain, knowing if they are happy, knowing if they feel frustrated, knowing if they feel loved... without the façade of that free-will choice of allowing others to know what you feel. It's a freedom. It's a form of communication.



ASHTAR: This is the first class. This is the class of teaching how to "feel" how you feel. Because if you can feel how YOU feel, then maybe... just maybe... you can understand how someone else feels.



ROSIE: It's very hard for humans to always know how they feel. It's hard to connect with the Heart.

ROSIE: 对人类来说很难知道他们的感受。很难连接内心。

 ASHTAR: You see… you're graduating from a place of allowing yourself to choose to feel or not feel... to a place of ... *big ecstatic sigh*阿斯塔:你看,你已经从允许自己选择感受与否的地方毕业了....(狂喜的叹息)

 ROSIE: (laughing) Yes. *sigh* ROSIE: (大笑)是的。


ASHTARThrough the Body of Rev. Debbie Wright

"The Ring of Truth""真理之环"










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