I am Saint Germain.


I come at this time in relation to a time that I came earlier through this one, through this James, where I brought a sense of an announcement that is coming. And at that time I was not able to say much, if anything, about this. And other sources have come forward as well and spoke about this.


This announcement, and announcements, several, which will lead to a more major announcement, are in the works now. They are already in the planning stages by your leaders, those ones that will step forward. Specifically, the President of this country, The United States. He will step forward. For he has a number of announcements that will be coming forward in the time frame that he can bring them through. As the frequencies, the vibrations have increased enough which brings consciousness higher. And it is needed that this consciousness must become higher for these announcements to come forward.


But I can tell you now that vibration and frequencies have been rising. Consciousness has been rising. The awakening is happening. Even though you look around and you see so much turmoil, so much chaos, so much depression and sadness, even within yourselves as you’ve spoken on your call earlier. The sadness that many are feeling.


Because many of you are empaths. You can feel others’ energy. You can feel the energy of the collective consciousness as a whole and it brings you into a state of despair and sadness–but only for moments. Because notice: even when you have had those bouts of sadness, joy has followed right after it, if you allow it. And that joy is what is spreading now. Even in the midst of all of this chaos and turmoil, joy is spreading. Light is spreading. The awakening is happening.


Yes, there are many of your family and friends that are finding that they are in that division phase right now where those are being separated. The time lines are separating now for those that are ready to move on in the Ascension and are becoming fully awakened, and those that are still yet asleep and are falling behind, it looks like.


And I say ‘it looks like,’ because it is not accurate. They are not falling behind. They are simply taking longer to come to the same conclusions, the same understandings or, even more importantly, the same remembrances as you have had. And because it took you some time to come to those remembrances, or to begin to look into the truths for yourself. Just as it took you some time to do this and to acclimate to these energies, so too are they having those experiences as well. It is as if they are in the beginning stage of awakening now, where they are asking those questions.


Those questions that many of you asked many years ago, and some even lifetimes ago, where you asked the questions, “who am I? Why am I here? What is my mission? What is my purpose?” All of these questions they are beginning to ask. They are beginning to look around and see what is happening and know that this cannot be! This cannot be the way it is! This cannot be life as it needs to be! And they are feeling that sadness as well.


But unlike you, they are going along. They are capitulating with the establishment. They are following along. If they are told to wear masks, they are wearing masks. If they are told to separate themselves, they are separating themselves.


But you all know that that is what is exactly what the dark ones want. They want you to separate yourselves from each other. They want separation. The want you to feel the fear as you put those masks on and feel that you cannot be near anyone else, especially one that is not wearing a mask.


But you know that those masks do nothing. They have no benefit whatsoever. You all know this. I am not telling you this for the first time. You’ve known this from the very beginning. You knew what was necessary, what was needed.


You knew not to follow along, as the sheep have been doing, as you call them. They are not sheep. They are just simply unawakened, asleep. Just as you were years ago, many of you. Many of you have just come into your own in the last year, here.


So give them time, just as you took time. Allow the frequencies to continue to rise. Utilize the Violet Flame everywhere that you can. Every time that you think about it, utilize the Violet Flame.


If you want to work on those cell towers, then do it. Send Light. Send the Violet Flame to those cell towers. See the energies becoming changed and shifted as a result of this.


Your President does not want these cell towers in that 5G exposure to be anything other than beneficial to the people, and he will not allow it to be anything but that. But he himself is held back at times. His hands are tied at times. But know that even though his hands seem to be tied in these moments now, he knows exactly where this is all going. He is ready to pull the plug on all of those of the dark forces. He and all of those that are working with him, which you call the Alliance, they are there to help. The Galactics are there to help.


They are doing so behind the scenes. But many of them have come forward. Many of you do not know this. They have come to the planet. They are walking, just as you are all walking on the surface of the planet. And they are assisting wherever they can.


But they can only do so much. Just as we can only do so much. Because it is up to all, and each and every one of you to send the Light, spread the Light in any way that you can. Become the warriors! It is time, now.


It is time to step out of the Lightworker realm and take on the sword and the shield of Michael and do everything you can to spread the truth wherever you can, however you can. Do not be concerned about the results of doing so, as long as you are not hurting anyone in doing it. That is the law. That is the Golden Rule. Do unto others, you see?


And many of you, all of you, are following that rule, as that is a major universal law. And you are following that law because you know that law, as well as all of the other universal laws. You may not know them at a conscious level, but you know them deep within you.


And you are all reaching out any time that you can, any opportunity that you have to do so to send the Light, to spread the Light. To send love and share love. To bring about peace around you wherever you can. And that is the way peace will come to this planet. That is the way consciousness will raise, and is raising across this planet. And the awakening is happening.


Do not wait for the awakening. BE the awakening here, right now, in this moment, from this point on. Be the awakening to all around you. And if you do that, your family, your friends, as you show the ideal, as you show the way, they will follow along if they have chosen to do so. And if they have not chosen to do so, it is not your responsibility to make them do it, to shake them awake, or anything of this nature. That is not your responsibility. Yours is just to send love and Light, and let it go where it will. That is what is in your divine invocation.


That is all I have for you now at this time, and I will release this channel to the One Who Serves. But before I do, each and every day each one of you utilize the Violet Flame within you. Be the love. Share the peace. Create harmony around you wherever you can.

这就是我此刻想说的,我把话筒交给《One Who Serves》。在这之前,去使用你之内的紫罗兰火焰。成为爱。分享和平。在你可以的地方创造和谐

All my peace and love be with all of you. I am Saint Germain.



传导:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan



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