Greetings dear Children of Light. We are the Mantid Collective, and we reside in non-corporeal form within the 12th dimension. Yes, that is quite a different dimension from the 4th dimension you currently reside in at this moment! But, rest assured you, too, will one day be here dispensing guidance to beings in the lower dimensions as well.




We are here today to tell you Humanity is on the right track and in perfect alignment with the Grand Plan, which is unveiling itself gradually, piece by piece. Though it may appear your world is steeped in turmoil and chaos, these are merely the hallmarks of great change taking place upon your planet, in your societies, and within your physical bodies. Great change always brings with it disruption, in one form or another. It is foolish to think change can occur without disruption, for there exists ... not one without the other.




We invite you to take a step back and view the goings-on in your lives from a loftier standpoint. We are more than happy to assist you in this endeavor, for we hold memory of our dimensional leaps when we, too, were in the physical. In fact, some of us remain in physical bodies there on Earth. Those were the ones among us who chose to remain incarnate to support Gaia and her children in the arduous Ascension process.




Think about what a Mantis evokes when you see one of us, or even an image of us. We are calm but confident, quiet but powerful, patient yet productive. We are here to model those attributes for Humanity, as they will greatly reduce much discomfort along your journey to the 5th dimension.




Whenever you are feeling anxiety, physical, mental, or emotional pain, or dissatisfaction with your world in view, do call upon your Mantid family to support your return to stability. Call upon us to assist you in returning to a sense of calm, a feeling of satisfaction, and faith in the strength your inner knowing provides no matter what is going on around you.




Ask us to visit you in the astral plane during your dreamtime to work with you on embodying these attributes as your own, to integrate them as part of your biological and energetic makeup. It will be much easier to access that which lies within than to ask for it from a place outside of you. You are more than capable of doing this, and we wish for nothing more than to see Humanity claim your radiant sovereignty once more.




We are watching and supporting, from near and far, Children of the Light. Go in peace, walk in strength, and be the calm your world so desperately needs at this time. We are with you, by your sides, every step of the way. Feel for our presence in your lives. Many blessings of Love and Light from our hearts to yours, your Mantid family."




传导:Dawn Phoenix

翻译:Nick Chan


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