This is a time of magic and following your heart




We can always be certain of change.If you tend to resist changeit just draws out the drama and the outcome of your focus or where you putting your attention.You do not need to give into believed fateyou simply need to recognize that change is possible in every small decision that you make and in the attitude in which you face your challenges.You may be having a marvelous timeor one of the saddest timesWhatever the case may bethe wheels of life keep turningthe divine forces are always at workand that change is inevitable.Best to set your intention on a desired outcome and welcome it with open armsas well as the liberation it can represent.




Take that first small step towards what you desire to create.Listen to the messages within your dreams and meditationsand act upon that which feels good and right to you.Let go of what others might thinkor release any thoughts that stand in your way to your angels.




You are reminded that you are filled with magical creator energylet it flow through and around you.Allow the magical energy to go to work on your behalf and cherish each moment that comes your way.




"If you are yearning for changenow is the time for actionnow is the time for magic and now is the time to live your dreams."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides



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