J: Xiaera, hello and welcome. What do you wish to share today?




X: Hello Jennifer, it is wonderful to connect. We bring messages of great light and joy today to all reading this channeling. You have passed a significant marker in terms of astrological alignment and soul vibration. All such alignments allow for greater leaps forward.


X: 你好,Jennifer,很高兴来连接。今天我们把伟大的光与喜悦信息带给所有阅读这则信息的人。你已经通过了一个占星学上的对齐和灵魂振动方面中的一个重要标记。所有这样的对齐会允许更大的飞跃


Now, a leap forward is not the Reval, or ‘the Event’, or other events that our beloved friends on the ground are looking forward to; indeed, what we see as a leap forward can look like a step backward to many of you.




For us, this means a deepening of the process of visibility, forgiveness and transformation. The process of detaching from the lies, distortions and poisoning of the past is not a linear one. As you compassion and heart energy expands, you – both individually and collectively – call forth more to be healed and cleared.




It is not a process for the feint-hearted, that is why you have to build your emotional grounding, stability and resonance, in order to accept and process the next wave of information.




Acceptance is key. You cannot forgive what you do not believe in. Many are choosing to awaken. Many are choosing to stay asleep; to pretend that life is ‘business as normal’. As the final stages of your ‘lock down’ progress into ‘opening up’, you will have another wave that will hit you with unexpected strength.




You know that this is not the first wave, nor will it be the last wave of clearing you will do. You have entered the storm waters*. You have committed to crossing this sea. And you are all, and I do mean All of you, are able for this.




When you feel overwhelmed, call upon the team that works with each of you, to lift you up, to provide you with safety, comfort and compassion. This will enable you to carry on another day.




All is well. You are progressing magnificently, and I do not use that word lightly. Even those of you who doubt yourselves, your energies are far more potent than you could possibly imagine.




J: Thank you Xiaera.




传导:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan



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