When you are trying hard to be positive, you are not quite there. The fact that you are trying and forcing indicates you are not able to access the space you desire, that you are seeing it as outside of yourself. You move into alignment not by forcing, but by flowing.




So rather than trying, we suggest finding things you easily accept. Look around for what you are grateful for. Spend time in activities you love. Surrender into the experience of happiness and see where the flow takes you. Meditate. Watch a show that makes you laugh. Connect with friends who lift your spirits. Go outside and pay attention to the beauty that abounds in nature.




It is the choosing of activities that make it easy for you to simply be in a space of open acceptance that shifts you into a space of more comfort and appreciation which then naturally creates the experience of positivity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




Shelley’s note: I had originally planned on answering one question from the Ask Gabriel thread on the Trinity Esoterics facebook page every Sunday, but I should know by now Gabriel works through flow and will answer whenever the time is right. So rather than it being an every Sunday thing, the Ask Gabriel answers will be scattered throughout the daily messages when Gabriel feels the answer is pertinent to what the prevalent energies are and what people need help with on that specific day. :)




翻译:Nick Chan




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